2007-2013 Toyota Highlander Cabin Air Filter Replacement -EricTheCarGuy

This cabin air filter replacement video applies to second generation Toyota Highlanders (2007-2013). Some parts of this procedure may also apply to other Toyota models.

It’s a simple process and doesn’t require a lot of tools. It can also save you a great deal of money replacing this maintenance item yourself. Not to mention it will help keep the air inside your vehicle free from contaminants.

The average replacement interval is every 15K, sometimes as low as 10K based on the air quality where the vehicle is being used.

Camera: Brian Kast

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46 thoughts on “2007-2013 Toyota Highlander Cabin Air Filter Replacement -EricTheCarGuy

  1. Great info that applies to my wife's 2008 Highlander. Too bad my 2006 Tundra was made before they added a replaceable filter the following model year. I understand mine is just a piece of foam and is not easily removed.

  2. At 1:24 – it says install with arrows down. On a Toyota 2008 Highlander, the SUV manual says install filter with arrows UP, and the outside cover also shows arrows UP.

  3. Hi Eric I have a 2003 Toyota Highlander. I was using the 110 power outlet to use a air pump on another cars tire. The outlet is in the back a Toyota Highlander. It burn out the air pump and the car is dead. I hooked up a very good battery charger on the cars battery. there several options on the charger so I used automatic 12V came out in 45 minutes nothing no headlights or key alarm ( ding , ding, ding). I tried the Engine Start Mode as there are 3 modes 2 amp, 10, amp and Engine Start. Still nothing no power at all in the car. Does any one know if there would be a specific fuse that was blown or is it just a burned out battery. I have had no problems with the battery before. It is past warranty time. I figured the outlet in the back of the SUV was just like a Cigarette lighter…terribly wrong option. Please Help as am Stranded in Biloxi MS just need  guidance

  4. I wish you could do one for 3G (UA6/UA7) TLs. They are one of the dumbest designs I've ever seen, and removing the glove box assy without scratching something (especially the damper) is close to impossible, with the metal structure in the way. And I'm missing the 2 upper fasteners and cannot find the correct hardware for it (the IPC doesn't show you the correct hardware). When it comes to servicing, Toyotas seem a lot more straightforward than Hondas.

    BTW, I installed an activated charcoal filter in the climate control air inlet under the wiper panel. There's an opening and I simply clipped on a filter so it prevents garbage from entering the system.

  5. When I worked for AZ, a customer came in because she would turn on the A/C, could hear the blower going but no air came out of the vents. I went out and checked. Sure enough the blower worked on all speeds but no air out of any of the vents. I checked to see if the van had a cabin filter and asked her when was the last time she replaced it. She didn't know the van had cabin filter, so apparently never. I pulled out the filter and it was filled with dirt and leaves. When I pulled the filter, air came out from the vents. I sold her a new filter and installed it for her. She was glad I found out the problem because she was on a road trip with her family durring summer time in west Texas. And thought it was going to cost $$$ to repair the problem when all it was was a clogged $12 filter.

  6. Hi Eric love your video's. I have a question about my 2004 Honda element 5 speed, every time I turn on my blower fan on hot or cold and at any speed it kicks on my radiator fan and causes my lights to dim when they kick on and It also make the car shutter. I have replaced the battery without change and checked the alternator and it passes fine, what do you think the issue could be? thank you and stay dirty.

  7. I like what you are doing Eric just not sure about having multiple short videos like this. Sort of spammy. Any ways I hope you keep the longer videos coming also. Oh and another thing. Alot of the cars you show are well.. very American, which is as expected. But since I'm from England it would be nice to see some European cars having some service tips etc.

  8. Gone are the old days of ericthecarguy where it felt like he was talking directly to me and not the rest of the world. I love your videos Eric but please don't change your format, you sound way too scripted.

  9. does it matter if he does work outside of his shop?  he is still passing along useful information..ive learned a lot watching his stuff.

  10. I see why the original entity that "ordered" these videos didn't seem to want to use them. With missing screws, covers and broken dampers, used vehicles don't sell that well (and these flaws are pretty much concealed from most potential buyers). So they probably only allowed the release after all these vehicles were sold.
    This comment however is displaced, because it is regarding some things in some of the other videos of this series.

  11. If you want to save even more money, buy a one inch furnace filter, measure it up with the one in your car and cut it to size. You'll probably get 6 cabin filters out of 1 filter.

  12. children without jobs complaining about a man making high quality informational videos on YouTube.

    keep up the good work etcg, I enjoy the videos.

  13. Eric probably knows the dealership manager/owner really well and asked to do these videos for viewers you people do realize that learning to did this yourself saves you a chunk of money right?

  14. For those flaming Eric, he's actually doing people a favor. Most stealerships charge $30-80 to replace a cabin air filter. He's doing the service of saving YOU money if you don't know how to do this.

  15. Sure is a lot of hate on these videos. I don't see the reason for it. Eric had an opportunity to make some helpful videos for somebody and people are judging him for possibly being at a dealership. Not all dealerships are bad and no needs to question Eric's integrity. He started as a dealer tech and knows how bad things can be.

  16. Fuck off with these dealership videos. Don't be a saleout bitch. What, almost 1 million subscribers not paying the bills. Next thing you know he will be working for the dealership, and that is when I will unsubscribe.

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