4 Rotor Supra First Drifts!

At long last we are able to hear this thing SING through the gears and shred the compound. It’s a long haul to get it dialed – but we’re almost there! MK4 Giveaway – http://LZMFG.com http://Drifthq.com



38 thoughts on “4 Rotor Supra First Drifts!

  1. The 4-rotor sounds weird. As in doesn’t sound right. There’s something off sounding with the combustion/ignition. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  2. the amount of control he has over almost any car he hops in is insane, truly a top tier driver. and I live the sound of that thing, its like if a motorcycle was a car, 11k rpm is crazy

  3. Buzzing the shanahans are going to be there love that lads . I’m going to try get tickets to any of these that’s the one thing about being from Scotland I always have to travel to this stuff haha

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