4 Rotor Supra Going to it’s First Official Event!

Getting the Supra dialed in so it can put some smiles on faces at our first stop of the World Tour in Englishtown NJ. Tickets HERE – https://www.lzworldtour.com
Every $5 spent on http://LZMFG.com gets you entered for a chance to win the MK4 Supra and $20,000 cash.



28 thoughts on “4 Rotor Supra Going to it’s First Official Event!

  1. I love how "pretty simple intercooler install" actually means fabricating all the mounting brackets and piping. To me a simple install is one that bolts right in as a factory replacement.

  2. Hey uuuuhโ€ฆ shot in the dark here but youโ€™re somewhat local ๐Ÿค” I canโ€™t do the job on the floor can I swap my throw out bearing on my 86 and slap in an eBay clutch? Free content

  3. Have you talked to the manufacturer of the dry sump pump? It sounds like the pressure section size is too big and/or drive speed is too fast

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