41 thoughts on “4 Rotor Supra Moves Under it’s Own Power + Hits the Rollers!

  1. Ignition trigger/spark issues seems to be a right of passage for Rotary, I've had my fair share, but I think if you haven't already checked it out, MAKE SURE you're not losing spark anywhere, less dwell = less spark = harder for it to jump, so check your plugs, wires, etc, make sure everything is covered, routing is clean/away from things. just an idea anyway, hopefully the issue isn't too big of a deal!

  2. hey Adam see matt armstrong bought your gt3 he is at Tavarish's shop fixing it reach out to him he wants to know if you have the exhaust and rear diffusor and wheel nut tool for it the car is going to go back to the uk. your 4 rotor sounds amazing can't wait for a full send cheers from down under

  3. The vision for this machine was so spot on. I love it to death and I'm not partial to The newer supras but this really changed my mind on the platform.

  4. I’ve held out for too long to jump in on the giveaway, I never win em anyways. I hope whoever wins it loves every part of the car

  5. You need to collab with Matt Armstrong while he’s in the us! Dudes brought your old gt3 and is gonna repair it all

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