80hp & 3:55 Gears #FairmontProject

This is the first test drive I took after installing the new differential and rear brakes.

I had intentionally done this modification first for a couple of reasons. The first was because I knew I would need to upgrade the differential to handle the power of the new engine, and also to add the limited slip.

I also wanted to be sure I could take the car for a test drive with the new upgrade before I put in the new engine and transmission.

I can’t say it was a ‘thrilling’ ride, but it sure was fun. The biggest thing I noticed was that the speedometer was way off. It was reading about 20mph faster than I was actually going. I was happy when I got the tires to break loose, even if it was only for a moment.

Gives me a little concern for my rear suspension and tire set up though. I’ll be putting a lot more than 80hp through this rear end.

Still, I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I did.

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Camera: Brian Kast

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36 thoughts on “80hp & 3:55 Gears #FairmontProject

  1. I've been looking forward to watching this one. Then I started thinking about it. The idea of lower gears is to get you into the torque curve sooner. I am not sure what the torque curve looks like in for an 80 hp motor. I imagine it's a higher torque than hp motor, but I assume that it was designed with torque down low to turn big gears for good mileage. Seems like that played out in your experience driving it.

  2. Eric, your tire and wheel package on the rear is probably a little taller in the rear than stock, so it will make your car slower, especially since the Fairmont is slow from the factory. The stronger differential is likely a little heavier than the old one and will make the car a little slower too, but probably not as important as the taller tires & wheels.

  3. What are you gonna do to hook that thing up in the back once you put the real beans in it?
    Seems like your torque to weight is already pretty close from a standing start. I didn't want to see it break loose with the 6 in it. It was funny though.

  4. Typical Ford i-6, slow as hell but tough as nails. My 4.9 has 296 on the ODO and shows no signs of stopping. My steering box on the hand…

  5. Not sure if you thought about this, even though I'm sure you did, but you ever think about turning the straight 6 into a turbo feind? I know that the split 6 ford 300 is pretty good NA and the XR6 is a monster with turbo.

  6. I think this is the first and only video you did driving the Fairmont at night with those new Sylvania headlights. They look Hello clear and bright.
    Looking forward to the engine install.

  7. Etcg1 ..Hi Eric I'm Rob from Perth in Western Australia I just wanted to say I am a big fan of yours here down under and watch a lot of your repair videos and of course tune into the Etcg1 channel often. it's so good to see you happy with the Fairmont project. Happy Days. ..

  8. Nice! Laid a patch with a stock Fairmont engine! I don't think that's ever been done before, lol – there should be some type of award for that. 😀

    You'll be laying LOTS of patches, mostly unintentionally, once the new engine is ready to rock. Saying "it will be a BIG difference" from the stock engine is the understatement of the century. 😉

  9. Eric, I didn't see a video of you properly breaking in the rear differential. Was wondering if because you employed a used gear set, that you'll be all set? Figured you'd at least heat cycle the bearing a few times with a lube change prior to getting on it. What's your thoughts?

  10. if you decide to change suspension later on take a look at team z rear street beast set up with upper relocations. It doesn't have solid bushings so its more streetable but is plenty capable of the new motors power level and if you so choose comes with an anti roll bar.

  11. The shorter gears just get you into the rpms that the engine makes best power quicker. Doesn't polish that turd engine though. 3.55's are a good choice for the turbo and manual transmission setup.

  12. Ramming speed……………

    On a side note, my 67 Mustang coupe with a "built" 302, top loader four speed and 3.25 limited slip rear end would just spin the back 50 series tires (no smoke) all day long in first gear with a modified vacuum advanced four barrel Holley. Fun times!

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