A Day At The Shop With EricTheCarGuy 2nd Installment (Part 2)

This is really a Fixing it Forward episode since it involves one of the FiF project vehicles. Thats right, the 1998 Chrysler Town & Country is back and it has an AC problem. Seems like a simple fix, but it turns out to be anything but.

I loose it a little in this one. You like it when I get mad. This van has a way of doing that to me I guess.

In case you missed (Part 1): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnoQHDsF3Pw

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Camera: Brian Kast

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35 thoughts on “A Day At The Shop With EricTheCarGuy 2nd Installment (Part 2)

  1. I am quite a noob at working on cars. My ac wasn't working on my Toyota 4runner 98, and I replaced the drier, condenser, evaporator, and the valves quite easily, I thought it would probably be similar in other cars. But man, was I wrong!

  2. If you fill the system with dry nitrogen and let it sit for 10 minutes it will show any leak but it will dry up any moisture or oil then vaccum and ready to go

  3. If Eric was flat rate on this one he lost his ass that's one reason if you don't know do 5 minutes of research to find out how to do the repair

  4. When yo do battery wire ends and they’re that small skin it back 1.5 further and bend it which doubles your contact surface, gives you pretty clean conductor and not having to maximize compression on such a small wire. Same goes with your wire crimping procedure cause filling the space better automatically gives you more conductive surface for your voltage.

  5. It would have been hilarious if when you were saying check the description if you would have said it like this "Eric what about this? What about that? Which I would ask you what about deez nutz (holding up a hand full of random nuts) then tell you to check the description." which would have made it funnier. Love you bruv, no homo, keep up to good work, your content not only helps educate people but it helps people like me who is healing from sever injuries where the amount of automotive work is great reduced which as effed up as my childhood was and the stuff I have gone through over the years, working on cars has been an outlet for me so not being in the physical condition to do a lot of work has taken away from escaping from things by working on cars has made things tougher.

    While typing this it got to the part where you bent over and said "Thank you sir. May I have another?" and that made me laugh. My personal favorite things to say is "Who's the stupid fuck that designed this shit?! The engineer that designed this as well as the project manager that approved this should be shot." Usually followed by tossing a wrench with blood on it across the shop and then asking myself why did I do that and then having to locate said tool but that's a life that I wouldn't trade anything for.

  6. I love my mom's 05 grand caravan, but the fact that even small maintenance stuff requires the most work bugs me a ton. To replace the rear 3 spark plugs, you have to remove the whole windshield cowl and frame. On my civic is 4 bolts for each coil. Chrysler's are the absolute worst to repair

  7. I'm so confused. Is it just me or did he have the wrenches in the complete wrong spot when trying to remove that valve?? No wonder it wouldn't come out.

  8. crys_la with out a doubt employ the weirdest engineers on the planet! Truth is they get the guys who can't get jobs at the good car company's.

  9. I worked on vacuum chambers for spacecraft. The object was to pump all gas molecules out of the tank. At the end, you used a cold finger that the few gas molecules "froze" to. Molecules only moved around by brownian motion so could take quite a while for all molecules to touch the cold finger. Cold finger was cooled by liquid nitrogen and was close to -273 deg C.


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    * except Chryslers”

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