37 thoughts on “Adam LZ | Best of 2022 Pt. 2

  1. Watching the s15 slide on that go kart track was insane. I'm so happy to see new builds like the Datsun. Watching Adam work on cars is literally the best part of the channel. Like I'm sorry to say but the best time was in the old shop watching him work on cars. So I'm really glad to see him go back to his roots.

  2. Please, please get Mat Armstrong to put a lap down at the compound in the GT3!! That would be a fire collab. I understand if it would be bittersweet for you though.

  3. Hey Adam watching the porche clips I think u should contact gintanti and get 1 of there F1 exhausts and tunes

  4. I still wholeheartedly believe that Colette just needs to get rid of the C6 and go all in on the 3-Rotor for drifting. That car is so raw and nasty, it's so good and insanely fast! The C6 is just a Corvette….. I know that it has a built motor from Texas Speed and Collete learned how to do a lot of things with that car, but I really think (when it comes to drifting) her in the 3-Rotor is where it's at. I bet with Coach Adam she could take over ProSpec with that car

  5. Man i really miss adams bmw. He drifted it so well. And it just was such a dialed car and sounded good and looked good

  6. It was so sad to see the GT3 getting wrecked again but I guess this is a good time since Mat just about has this rebuilt, looks much better now than after the wreck. Love seeing the CRV again, forgot how rough that car was when you got it.

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