Are Electric Cars the Future LIVE w/ Rich Rebuilds 10/10/2018

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30 thoughts on “Are Electric Cars the Future LIVE w/ Rich Rebuilds 10/10/2018

  1. Bro, my lady just copped a 2017 Altima from Nissan. I'm so glad I went with her. They tried the exact same tactic about the lease and 750 a month for a 14000 car. I laughed and told them to tell the underwriter that the maximum we were going to pay was $350 . They did it for $350 a month. 3400 down though. I looked around and saw them getting everyone for high 600 and 700s for stupid cars.

  2. Rich ,it's 5 AM . bad sleep,something to look forward to. Read your article on The Globe ,good article-short and to the point. I'm a gas guy,have no interest in EVs.Not going to waste your time,here's my question; What happens to a Tesla if you drive it in standing water ,let's say 12" or so. Has Tesla improved or water-proofed it's batt. compartment ?

  3. Electric cars are the future, the world needs another age, Stone Age, Iron Age, fossil fuel age… and now the age of electric.

  4. Honestly rich rebuilds is a moron. He knows nothing about cars. Samcrac isn't too far ahead of him but definitely knows enough to hold a conversation. Rich rebuilds is someone that would make a special person feel smart.

  5. Love the colabs and look forward too the next live stream with Rich, I really miss his rants and really love your vibe so this is one of the most awesome videos I've seen for a little bit

  6. i agree that they are future but not the near future like some say…15-20 years probably for 80% market share 50 or 70 for autonomous…assuming we give up all ability to drive and cars are outlawed…death is a preferable alternative to the latter. ill always own a gas guzzler as long as I can buy gas for it…maybe when electric swaps become cheaper ill build an electric miata or something…unless you buy a leaf and do a drivetrain swap but its not gonna be any faster from what i can tell

  7. What's going on with your channel Samcrac, where is the ford RS, I started following you because of the rebuilds Not listening to you talking to someone about cars or Microwaves, boring!

  8. Electric cars are ultimately battery guzzlers, recycling them uses a lot of energy. And the losses in power production are terrible unless you are charging totally from solar. It needs more battery research.

  9. I dont know if this is the correct place to mention it but i was browsing for salvage cars and i saw this 2018 911 turbo s in gold ( seems like exclusive series). It seems like a gem!

  10. Always like you to guys together. Waiting for the next rant from Rich. And Sam, what's up with that DXP car you can't buy a part from? Ever find out what is up with that car?

  11. Electric cars are unquestionably the future, but some people were ignoring that this future is still over 20 years away from being mainstream, once the science and economy of the infrastructure are both in place. Ironically this has been true for over a century, were the same things that caused ICE vehicles to take off when electric didn't. It's funny that so few people recognize this.

  12. I myself like electric cars, but considering how much the batteries are made and how the materials are extracted it's not so good if you're not driving tons and tons of miles, i do consider hybrids are a good option but they cost alot too and it's hard to find one used in good condition, my next car will either have a CNG/petrol or E85/petrol or pure diesel because fuck the diesel hate 🙂

  13. In the early days of cars, there were lots of people who said cars will never replace horses. Kodak said no-one will want digital cameras. There were many people who said that television was just a fad and would never catch on. Lots and lots of examples over history of the old guard refusing to believe that change was inevitable. This is one of those times.

  14. I worked at best buy Manchvegas and set up the first 49" plasma for display back 15 plus years ago and the price was $9,999,99. Now you can get something nicer for $200 or $100 on black friday

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