Automatic A90 Supra Drift Car is COMPLETE!

I knew it was going to be good… but didn’t expect it to be this good! Every $5 you spend gets you entered for a chance to win our MK4 Supra and $20,000 cash! Shop now on or !
Handbrake (Chase Bays) from Drift HQ and Sequential Shifter from SLG (Seems Legit Garage).



47 thoughts on “Automatic A90 Supra Drift Car is COMPLETE!

  1. it's cool to see Adam and his team push the boundaries and do smth new, but I'm still convinced it's way better by all means to buy manual supra straight away

  2. hook up a movie shooting gimble to the surron and get someon to follow behind you so easy and fun i bet just mod the surron to rip supermoto tires

  3. AdamLZ always one step ahead of the game! Once this has been figured perfectly, I guarantee this will become a more popular option, seen as most cars are manufactured with a Automatic gearbox! Great progress so far, really hooked on this series with the Supra.

  4. The saddest thing about all the development work you and HGK are having to do to get that transmission to work the way you want is that the OEMs could just make it that way. Enthusiasts deserve cars like that, everyone else should get self driving s***. I get so annoyed with traction control you can't actually disable without pulling fuses, cars that wont let you rev over a certain RPM if the car's not moving, basically any input I give should result in an action on the cars part and never be overridden by some computer unless I enable those features. If I go full throttle, open the throttle plate(s) all the way, I don't care if the vehicle is below some minimum parameter programmed by a software engineer.

  5. the whole concept of a slippable clutch on a auto makes me want this setup in the family car 😂 😂…peace and love yal keep it rad stay safe and build on … l8z .. ps no one better than Adam to test this , sick af much respect brotha

  6. I’m concerned for the clutch packs in the trans, sure they might be fine for a little bit but to replace them would be a very expensive endeavor in terms of time and money. Curious to see how long it’ll last

  7. When you run suicide brakes like that, for the two ports that are on the regular foot brake master cylinder, do you just combine them to where they both go to the front?

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