Battery Testing the ‘Smart’ Way? OTC 3200

OTC 3200 Smart Battery Tester: $309.99:

I got the OTC 3200 Smart Battery Tester a couple of months ago. At first I was a bit skeptical. Many testers I’ve used in the past were all-in-one units. The OTC 3200 isn’t quite like that. In fact, you need a smart phone or device equipped with a camera to fully utilize the tool.

After using the tool for a while I began to see it’s capabilities. It has a lot of featured and not only tests batteries quick and easy, it also checks the starting and charging systems. It will also keep a log of all the batteries and charging systems you check so you can monitor them over time. Pretty cool.

I really do like the tool. it’s an excellent battery/charging/starting system tester. I’m still not sold on having to use my smartphone to use it though. I really wish those capabilities were built into the tool and I didn’t need to fumble with my phone every time I wanted to complete a charging system test.

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If you wanted a less expensive battery testing alternative you can try this:

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29 thoughts on “Battery Testing the ‘Smart’ Way? OTC 3200

  1. I own a TAPDON only paid $36 work great the problem is how to know the type of battery! don't even auto zone know what type battery they have!

  2. Great awesome tool but a little pricey for DIYer, good investment for a shop or a technician who is willing to invest in cool advanced tools

  3. Well, you had me when you hooked up red to red and black to black then……………… WAY too many steps and possible problems ( the first one is what happens if you don't have a smart phone ? ) Does your battery still have the sticker needed to scan ? Do I really need all that information ? Sorry… there are many similar less complicated way less expensive hand held testers out there. I'm speaking from the ordinary guy point of view as something of a tad less than a shadetree mechanic..

  4. I think the problem with this type of tester is that it doesn't put a load on the battery. So if you have a battery with a bad cell and charge it up, this tester will report that the battery is good. A load tester on this freshly charged battery would say it is a bad battery.

  5. Not a bad looking little tester. However, I see a couple (potential) problems… if the battery label is faded, missing or damaged, your kinda screwed. Also (sorry I'm guessing) but I'm wondering if it can test: 6V and 24V batts, test the charging system/Alt, as well as the starter and also detect bad cells(?) For the price they are asking, I would hope so…especially considering using our cell phones is saving them additional cost. If the unit actually does all or most of those things I mentioned, then that's great, because having to buy multiple (expensive) test equipment to cover all battery voltages/charging sys issues… gets old really quick 😉

  6. A regular voltmeter and car accessories if the battery is inside a car. Otherwise voltmeter, a head light bulb with leads can do all what this expensive tester is dining. These are ways of such companies to earn money.

  7. $290!!!???!!? Geez Eric, you could have saved me the time of looking it up by telling me it was almost $300. Are you kidding me? Who the hell would spend that much money to test a battery, come on Eric, you are better then that.

  8. This piece of junk is made for an idiot who doesn't know what an amp or how to use a battery tester but knows everything about his smartphone. A ricer basically.

  9. very unweildly. 5000 clicks later and after getting your smartphone and booting up the app and taking pictures you finally have some info…

  10. So it is lightly to be tied in to a online service provided by otc.
    So after purchasing this item how do otc keep enough funding coming in to maintain the online service and app.
    Also what do they consider the lifetime of the product to be before they cut the support for it.
    This is a considerable isue when it comes to IoT / attached devices or what ever you want to call it.

  11. That thing is for your sister. Grab your meter and alligator clip leads and have at it. I can buy 3 new batteries for the price of that thing. Don't forget Eric we work on our own cars because were not RICH.

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