Beating the Sh*t out of my JZX100 Chaser – Driveway Pizza Delivery

Our Pizza Collection drops tomorrow at 3PM EST along with ratchet straps, wheel straps, dog leashes, and Evo Decks! Set your reminders πŸ˜‰
To get this new drop as hyped up as we could, we decided to make a crazy fun promotional Reel with the Yellow chaser and film the entire process! This is what it takes to make one of these videos, and we hope you enjoy the Behind the Scenes!

Every $5 spent on @LZMFG or @DRIFTHQ gets you entered for a chance to win our MK4 Supra and $20,000 cash! #lzmfg



33 thoughts on “Beating the Sh*t out of my JZX100 Chaser – Driveway Pizza Delivery

  1. I work at a Sign Shop….Can I suggest if you find that Laminator Machine you got to become crappy or not working well…HIGHLY suggest to invest in a KALA brand Laminator!….
    BEST damn Laminator machine for everyhting that needs to be Laminated!….

  2. I hate being a mouth breather. My nose is busted and can't breath through it at all. I snore bad from it as well which sucks to sleep around any one. Have had surgery twice and still can't breath right.

  3. Wish there was more vids like this like tj Hunts clips. do a clips thing why not just normal stuff nothin to think about but daily life. shoot hire me I'll film it and edit and post em if u need a guyπŸ˜….

  4. More videos like these plz. The uploads doesn’t always have to be big announcements or upgrades. Chill compound bts vlogs like these are the best ones imo.

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