Bought an AE86 in Ireland – and it’s Absolutely INSANE!

With the second stop of the LZ World Tour right around the corner – this was absolutely necessary!
Tickets for Mondello Park –
Every $5 gets you entered for a chance to win the FD and 15k cash starting at 3PM EST TODAY! –



48 thoughts on “Bought an AE86 in Ireland – and it’s Absolutely INSANE!

  1. you should make some flags with the t shirt designs id definitely be interested for hanging in the garage, shop or room

  2. its that irrish toyota motor from the celica they love like a 3 ag, or something, i feel like juice box showed this car before, its a booter

  3. This makes me wonder what Adam will drive at the AUS event seeing as each car driven has its purpose and fits in for the location. Hopefully we'll see Adam in a classic aussie car when he's here like an AU falcon drift car (would be sick af if he drove keep it reet's widebody jzx100 kit swapped AU Falcon LMAO) or even like a falcon/commodore ute. Or even like a drift torana or VL commy hehe.

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