Bought My First WRX STI in Japan – It’s Already Broken

I’ve been hunting for a GC8 Subaru Version 6 Type R for quite some time now… and found this one a few months ago! Thanks to Kamikoto for sponsoring this video! Get an additional $50 off on any purchase with code AdamLZ during their massive Black Friday sale. Go to and help support the channel.
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25 thoughts on “Bought My First WRX STI in Japan – It’s Already Broken

  1. AND never after market the suspension on a impreza ..the impreza gods placed the correct set up for that car .. chuck that after market shit over the wall asap

  2. I'm telling you now .. put the right driver behind the wheel of a good gc8 and no car will keep up to it .. the impreza is the ULTIMATE drivers car .. so mean zero insulation or any of that bullshit

  3. Electronic boost controller, baffled sump and a good tune and that subaru will do 200,000km. They seem to need a tune every summer. Turn the plenum 180 degrees.

    Thirsty engines.

  4. I might be wrong, but I think the gc8's were like a base model homologation special, if I'm right it's basically a 22b chassis but without the spicy engine and other upgrades

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