Buying a Reposessed Truck at Auction was a MISTAKE! It’s WAY Worse Than I Thought!

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I did an in depth look at the cheap Repo Honda Ridgeline Pickup Truck I bought at Copart Salvage Auction. Turns out it wasn’t a great deal..

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39 thoughts on “Buying a Reposessed Truck at Auction was a MISTAKE! It’s WAY Worse Than I Thought!

  1. I bought a 2009 Honda Civic a few years ago for my daughter. It had 87k miles. What a pos this vehicle was. Honda's are no better than any other brand. We had electrical issues, lousy AC, broken motor mounts, lights on the shifter console that didn't work, visors that broke. On the visor issue, I went to youtube to see how to replace or repair it and it had nearly 500,000 views! IMO this vehicle was no better and actually worse than many cars I've owned. Just one look at this video and the rust and other problems the Ridgeline shows that the superior quality is more myth than fact.

  2. rust? lol you ahould go see wisconsin or minnesota vehicules. then you ll see rust!
    this ridgeline is in great shape actually!
    little rocker rust is nothing!

  3. There is hardly any rust on that ridgeline at all. Just coat the rust that's on it with a good rust stopper, and enjoy another 100k miles for 3800 bucks.

  4. I would never buy a car from you! The way you rebuild these salvage cars is not right! Then you scam someone by selling salvage title cars! Besides most insurance companies refuse to insure rebuilt title cars!

  5. I have a 2010 Ridgeline. When one of the catalytic converters went out, the local Honda dealership replaced it for me. They didn't tell me there were two other catalytic converters (this is my first truck). About a week or two later, the car began running very rough and I had trouble staying in gear. I thought the transmission had gone bad so I took it to a transmission specialist. He said the transmission was fine … another catalytic converter had gone bad. He said that with Ridgelines if one goes bad replace all three because the other two won't last anyway. He replaced the other two for me and the car has run fine ever since. That was five years ago. Yes, the repair was expensive. But beyond that all I did for the next five years was routine maintenance. It's when the car gets high mileage or over 10 years you can run into trouble. I just replaced the control arms, axels, boots, and tie rod plus routine change brake and rotors. I had to replace the AC compressor. That cost me about $1600 parts and labor. I replaced the serpentine belt, timing belt and water pump last April as routine maintenance; another $1500. I replaced the alternator and that had to be done three times … my mechanic did not use the Honda part. With alternators always use the Honda part. That was about $600 I think.

    The good news is, other than replacing the tires soon, I should get another 5 years and 50,000 miles at the least of of this truck. I love it. It's the best vehicle I've ever owned, and the only vehicle I bought new that I bought exactly the car I wanted.

  6. I kept watching this video waiting for a bomb to drop. You got a repo that needs a stabilizer bar link, a rack and pinion (eventually), an O2 sensor or more (eventually) and some cosmetic non structural rust issues. That's nothing. I'd buy it for that price today if I could find it.

  7. Dude i live in canada and that car looks like it came out the factory lines like that. Go cut off the rust? Weld sheath metal and prime and paint. Besutiful car for 4000usd

  8. In WNY (Buffalo Area) Even with destroyed from chain smoking interior wed call that
    "Showroom Condition – like new low miles loaded" And it would be $10.995 on a buy-here-pay-here lot with 5500 down 275 a week for 2 years. (Yes, thats legit how they do it here)

  9. I woulda cleaned it first and put UV dye in to verify if it really is leaking. Possibly over filled PS fluid, this causing it to overflow when the steering wheel is turned. (Just my opinion)

  10. Those are great trucks even with that mileage but yours was up in salt AND poorly maintained. That’s the big risk you take with auctions

  11. Michigander here, that rust is NOTHING. That said, the Ridgeline isn’t a truck. It’s a mini van with a bed. Good call on moving on to a Ford.

  12. Hey samcrac , I rebuild cars and trucks from copart like yourself. I have dealt with my fair share of rust infected trucks and cars especially as I live in the UK,London. We all know that it pretty much always rains in London and is too cold. I would say this level of rust is significantly less than I deal with. I would just send it for acid dipping to remove all rust and the paint, fabricate fresh replacement panels to keep the cost down. It costs me £250-£400 to get it dipped and fabricate fresh parts. it will also give the chance to replace that rack if you want as you will have clear access as you will need to send the shell off.

  13. Love your videos Samcrac! And I especially appreciate all the resources you recommend. I’ve been curious about theft cars. It seems that it would stand to reason that if a repo car is neglected that a theft car would be even worse? Have you had any experience with theft cars personally? There is one other blogger that has purchased at least a few cheap theft cars for a quick buck, but I’m wondering if it is too much of a risk especially if someone is in the market for a regular SUV?

  14. should get 6k all day for that truck ez if get the cats or whatever that exhaust prob is fixed and replace those couple body parts. would say did pretty well imo. as for the rust that is pretty typical for northeast or any cold climate especially around the wheel wells that POS running board caused the rocker rust to get worse jmo on my 2nd ridgeline love it

  15. Hah! That's hardly rusted at all.
    Try driving a three year old Lancia in the UK and you'll discover what rust truly is … and no, the parts aren't "cheap" – this is Italian after all – and you better take the old one with you as the factory used to fit anything that came to hand …

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