Can a Salvage Supercar with Frame Damage be Aligned? Let’s find out on my Audi R8!

We take the Salvage Audi R8 in for a wheel alignment. Will it ever be able to return to factory spec after its cracked frame repairs?

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22 thoughts on “Can a Salvage Supercar with Frame Damage be Aligned? Let’s find out on my Audi R8!

  1. I had an alignment yesterday and everything was in spec except for caster angle on the front left wheel of the car. Technician said the lower left part of the subframe was bent backwards. I was wondering if the subframe could be straightened by an expert auto frame technician to have my caster back in spec?

  2. But in some cases, the car may need to get a full subframe replacement like Sam’s Corvette got just to pass a rebuild inspection. And as Sam said, rebuild inspections vary across all 50 states, but most of the time, the rebuild inspectors will look at the car use their knee to determine out of the bumpers and front fenders in any of them have any play in them. If anything gives during the inspection, the car will fail and proper work will need to go into the car before filing for the next rebuild inspection and taking the car in just over a couple days later for another once-over.

  3. As a video game mechanic and someone that’s mechanically inclined in real life, I know which parts go where on a car, and on some cars, the rear wheels are wider than the front wheels, with some prime examples of that being the 1967 Shelby A/C Cobra and its kit replicas. On the real car, you buy the car fully assembled, but sometimes, you may need to find some original factory parts or reproduction parts to finish a restoration. Sam and Bob the Welder repaired Sam’s Audi R8, and against what the “experts” said in the comments, the car aligned to factory spec.

  4. When a wreck occurs that results in a car being totaled out and put on a salvage title, the amount of damage to repair can exceed the cost to buy the car brand new, resulting in the car being totaled out, as is the case in fatal accidents or rollover accidents. A rollover accident can bend the A, B, and C pillars or just the A and B pillars depending upon the number of pillars a vehicle has. Trucks have the A and B pillars while sedans and coupes have the A, B and C pillars, and in a rollover, multiple pillars can and will get bent, bringing some very expensive repairs.

  5. Forgot to say I really enjoyed the series as the R8 v8 Manual is one of my dream cars! I've only been subscribed about 6 months so its nice to go back and see what projects he did before!

  6. Some people seem to forget that any car thats being repaired depends on 2 key things and each issue is unique to that car. 1 the initial damage some accidents are so severe that it wouldn't make sense to even try and repair them, and 2 what work is done to fix the car, if the work done is appropriate to the damage caused and done to a correct standard then its completely acceptable! Otherwise accident and repair shops wouldn't exist!

  7. Well Sam, I agree with you. No matter how bad the car was damaged, if you follow the factory repair procedure (can be purchased from the spare parts store) to repair the vehicle, it can be 100% aligned and to factory spec. If after a repair you have problems you need only look as far as the repair and compliance with the repair procedure to get the answer. Great videos to pass the time in lockdown.

  8. Yeah, anything can be fixed. But after an accident you have to find everything which broke. Undetected micro damage could get worse over time and become major damage in a long term. But as for this R8, you might just wanna look out for the front suspension since that had to be fixed. But if it breaks again you just fix it again. And keep an eye on that underside piece which had to be replaced. Mirco damage was likely caused to something.

  9. A point for discussion if anyone's interested. It was the chassis that was damaged, so shouldn't this have been as chassis frame alignment check ? and then a wheel alignment. I guess as long as the wheels are aligned then the rest doesn't matter as long as you're happy with all your panel gaps… And of course the frame has structural integrity.
    Just started watching your series Sam, awesome entertainment and information keep on truckin. 👍

  10. You can spend $100K on auction cars, but you can't spend $5 on a green laser pointer to point out parts you describe? Common sense is getting less common.

  11. I am at 55 seconds in, and I have to stop and say, yes it can be aligned. The old stories about cars never aligning again after a salvaged title is a grievous over exaggeration. I have done a couple of alignments, a couple on salvaged cars, and it all depends on how well the repair was done, and how bad the initial damage was, everything on this project appears to have been done properly, and see no reason why it shouldn't align. BTW I am not an expert, yes I know how to do alignments, yes I have done them while working for an automotive shop at a dealership. But no, I was not an ASE certified mechanic, I learned how to do it from one, I have done a few on my own that other certified mechanics came and double checked, never found a problem, so I started doing alignments.

    Again I am only 55 seconds in to the video, let's see if i am right

  12. It's not the alignment, it's the complete separation of the frame that holds the shock that holds the arm that holds the wheel that has the tire around it that will never be the same. The integrity is gone.

  13. Was that the Pep Boys on FL Ave? They couldn't figure out how to adjust the camber on my TT either. Never went there again. Take it to Greg Bailey on FL Ave just south of MLK. He worked it out 👍

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