Checking Valve Spring Install Height & Seat Diameter

I needed to get this information so that I could pass it along to Comp Cams. They needed it to help set me up with the proper valve springs and retainers.

I thought this would be good information for those that needed it. If you’re going to ‘blueprint’ an engine, you’re going to need to be able to get this information.

As stated in the video, there is a special tool for this, but this method will work just fine.

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Valve Spring Compressor:

Lisle Spring Compressor Tool (the one I used in the video):

Valve Spring Install Height Tool:

Digital Caliper:

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39 thoughts on “Checking Valve Spring Install Height & Seat Diameter

  1. Its hard to see how your holding the straight edge perfectly level up underneath the valve and getting a micro reading at the same time. It looks difficult. Nice video

  2. 1-7/8 would be 1.875, so I bet that's probably considered the nominal spring height. (Or, perhaps, with a 2" spring that has a 1/8" compression.) Likewise, 1-7/16 is 1.438 and 1-5/8 is 1.625…. So, I would also bet that the spring seat is a nominal size of 1-7/16 with a spring wire size of 3/16. Or maybe just "1-7/16 by 1-5/8".

    I wonder if Ferd uses fractional sizes when designing or describing these parts? They certainly do with the pistons…

  3. Hey Eric, my buddy asked me if i could change a water pump for him on a 2005 5.7 hemi. The car was idle for about 4 yrs. When he brought it over i noticed the dipstick looked like it was burnt, it had lots of rust in the radiator and rust in the spark plugs. I was concerned because the water reservoir was boiling over. He assured me all it needed was a new water pump so i replaced it. The next day i baked it out of my garage left it running for about 5 min while i closed the g door, when i came out the engine was knocking. Took it to a shop they say it was extreme over heating. How can it overheat with a brand new water pump?

  4. When are you planning to have the car running? Would love to take a vacation and come up and drag race with you. Eric vs his viewers? Would make a cool contest for something.

  5. hey eric! i noticed that your videos are in 1080p 60fps. i think 60fps is a little unnecessary. have you ever thought bout shooting in 4k instead for the extra detail?

  6. eric your doing it all wrong…… nice change of pace on a "simple" procedure. this is one of those things where being shown helps so much. thanks for all the videos.

  7. Lay a long straight edge across the tops of all the valve stems. On my heads, they weren't all the same. The valve stems were obviously all the same, but some of the valve grinds were deeper than others. That varied as much as .020" to .030". That was from a highly reputable head prep company. I stayed with stock valves, springs, and retainers and an "E" cam. Pedestal roller rockers had to be shimmed. No problems after 6,000 miles and quite a few spirited accelerations. Just for reference, 284 RWHP with 4.11 gears in a '66 Mustang coupe.

  8. is this 0.02mm or 0.05mm caliper? im planning to get one of this digital caliper

    currently, im using a mitutoyo calipers and it would take me a couple of minutes to verify my measurements

  9. thanks eric for all the helpful videos you post I work as a fast fit mechanic and your videos including theory and practicle advice really helped me in my day to day work thanks and keep up the good work

  10. hello Eric, i just bought my 4runner,everything is great, but the body roll is terrible,do you know how to reduce that ?thanks

  11. When this car is done he needs to let mr. regular from regular car reviews review it. He's got a pretty sweet ford falcon he just built.

  12. If you pull valves out be very careful the top of the valve steam on a good used engine will actually slightly mushroom. So if you let the valve drop but it gets stuck lift it back up and take some light sand paper and rub it around the top so you don't score the valve guides with the valve. Do not force the valve out.

  13. You can't measure accurately if your probe comes in at an angle. You loose a few digits. I'd get one of those adjustable vertical (for holes) parallels) those are cheap. You put it in the right place, you adjust it to size, then, remove it, and measure it, instead of the hole. Like with bore gauges.

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