Clutch Controlled Automatic MK5 Supra Drifts!

The HTG guys are almost done developing the software to control the OEM 8HP transmission – and I got to test their hard work for a bit! Every $5 you spend gets you entered for a chance to win our MK4 Supra and $20,000 cash! Shop now on or !
Handbrake (Chase Bays) from Drift HQ and Sequential Shifter from SLG (Seems Legit Garage).



30 thoughts on “Clutch Controlled Automatic MK5 Supra Drifts!

  1. perhaps look into if the car is regulating the pressure down from a steady state higher pressure, if so, the oil temps are going to get high due to the friction of the regulator. I recently had this issue at work

  2. If you want to create really cheap driftable platform I suggest focus on Giulia. They come with ZF 8hp, engine is solid with plenty of torque, some of them even have optional clutch type lsd. Even if 4×4 from factory it is really easy to convert to rwd (0 mechanical modification). I keep fingers crossed for consideration.

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