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Rechargeable Pen Light $41.14:

A25R Flashlight (Large):

A22R Flashlight (Small)

G15 Cliplight:

PX10 Combo Ultraviolet LED Light: $31.32:

HL27 LED Headlight: $49.64:

HL7R Rechargeable Headlight:

Coast Website:

I lit this entire video with Coast lighting. This way you can get a sense for how well these lights work. They may be expensive, but I think it’s worth the money for this quality lighting. Very versatile, including how you choose to power many of these units. They also come with everything you need to keep them charged and at the ready. In my opinion, good stuff. I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of these lights in my future productions.

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45 thoughts on “Coast LED Lighting Review -EricTheCarGuy

  1. You sir are the first person to make a headlamp look cool to wear. Been a flashaholic for decades and always considered them dorky, but no longer. I'm also a Coast flashlight fan, own quite a few of their lights, old and new, and will be checking out their headlamps next.

  2. I have bought the 2 l.e.d. with the middle one red so 2 white 1 red ,but it pivots from the bottom so feels to heavy.when il the get it that petzel does that in the middle and has more adstment.

  3. been using the A25R for a year now still run after getting run over ,drop in oil ,drop a bunch of time, sprayed with brake cleaner to clean it, and etc. it still as bright as the day i got it (which was at fry's for 50% off)

  4. i'm a bit of a flashlight addict, i've owned maybe 25 and after getting a coast light HP7 and it lasting forever both battery and LED and exactly what I need I decided to buy another one for the hell of it. The Coast lights are the only one's along with INOVA and of course Maglight (but these don't have great output) to last the test of time. I now have 6 Coast lights. When I saw they made a big dog light 1100 Lumens HP550 which holds 9 AA batteries I had to have it. It doesn't throw as far as some other big lights but you can see a lot more. its a monster. These are for sure quality lights. The defender lights don't really seem worth the price when you compare it to these.

  5. i do like the looks of these lights. very well made. i may order the pen light. that sucker is cool. check out streamlight stingers. thats what i use at work. best light ive ever seen

  6. The Coast lights are really nice, not quite the performance of the streamlight stinger but also not $300! One thing I've learned with working on cars and having expensive flashlights though, black flashlights disappear under hoods and inside cars! I wondered why some streamlights came in garish green and blue, it's easier to find them when they're left somewhere! Wrap some bright colored tape around the handle of your flashlight so You can find it.

  7. in searching to buy this light how do you differentiate between the "red" glowing ring and the "green" glowing ring…want to buy the latter

  8. These are actually very nice little lights, very bright for the power consumption.  I've been using them for a little while now, and I'm a fan  -I keep a Coast on me all the time in the shop.

  9. I use cheap headlamps and they work pretty well for the price (~$10). These look like they're on a different level. Might have to invest in one.

  10. Battery pack in the back is definitely superior for a few reasons, the only negative being if you are under a vehicle lying on your back and wanting your head resting on the floor.  Anyway positives to a rear pack include:

    1)  More room for higher capacity batteries in general and for the reasons that follow.

    2)  Better weight balance not having all the weight of batteries plus LED head in front.

    3)  Smaller size of head in front, doesn't stick out as far which helps when you are under a vehicle working.

    4)  Battery compartment can be molded to a better, sturdier shape than when it's integral to the head unit in front, including a lower profile latching system.

    5)  Higher power LEDs can be supported due to higher capacity battery pack and removing LED heat from the vicinity of the batteries improves their life, and doesn't throw off sensing in rapid battery chargers as much if you were recharging immediately after the LED heated up the batteries.

    6)  Having them separate, if the head or battery compartment fails it is easier to repair/replace one portion, or the same goes for upgrading it.  Particularly if it's a 3 x AA separate pack you can instead use 3 x 14500 Li-Ion cells and put a buck regulator circuit on and gain a lot of capacity (runtime), though in this case some creative mod skills and ability to solder are usually needed.

    7)  On the other hand, the crude failure prone generics with an integrated 3 x AAA battery chamber in the head are now dirt cheap but you get what you pay for, they usually break after a few dozen hours of use or a few hundred power cycles of shorter period use.

  11. Ever since the marketing people got their claws in to you this channel has felt like one giant infomercial. I can't remember the last time I saw an actual useful repair video that didn't involve some kind of product placement.

  12. I've got a LED Lenser head lamp , for cycling and early morning running , throws out a good beam of light , plus it has a rear red lamp on the battery pack , the bean is adjustable also , for spot light and a wide angle , for want of a better term .
    The Mag light's live in the car's glove boxes

  13. My only question about the pen light is how well will it charge after it has gotten some use behind it? I have a Streamlight that does not like to charge on the piggyback when it has some general shop grunge on it.

  14. If you are a Caucasian, NEVER look at high-intensity LED itself when lit; it'll damage your eye nerves.  I'm an Asian and have darker iris, which is "somewhat" more resistant to bright light but I still wouldn't look at a light source that's brighter than 100 lumens.

    I bought 2 rechargeable LED headlamps at Amazon (sold under a number of different brand names but I assume they are all made at the same factory in China), and both failed in less than 3 months under normal use.  I took apart one of them and noticed the electrical wires were too small in diameter and the soldering job was inferior.  I have repaired many LED flashlights so I know what usually goes wrong.

    My "primary" hand-held flashlight is Streamlight's Strion HL (500 lumens + 2 less settings).  They are made in the USA (I'm a Japanese but I support made in USA).  Very expensive at $110 or so (I use it for my job), but you get what you pay for.  I have dropped it on a concrete floor a few times but they are made robust and still working fine after 2 years and I don't believe it would fail soon.

  15. Those lights are awesome! Really impressed at the level of quality and attention to detail on the design. Definitely look like they're worth the money.

  16. I have the coast pen light. Quality. although rather than green mine has a red band which illuminates when the light is turned on.

  17. I love to watch your videos Eric. I recently saved quite a bit of money doing my own brakes. Mechanic tried to rip me off. I save $300 thanks to you Eric. Your the best!!

  18. Great videos so easy to understand and I dont get bored and confused like other videos I've watched keep these videos up no wonder why you have 600 + thousand subscribers.

  19. @EricTheCarGuy Hey, did you change how you record your videos? seems smoother and cleaner picture in the last two videos. Looks like 60 fps or something. thx for the videos

  20. hey Eric do you remember when recharging your Subaru . Next time you do a recharge ,buy another yellow charging hose preferably a 96 inch, attach the end with the Schrader valve to the extra service port on your regulator above the center port where the other yellow charging hose is connected ,and the other end of the 96 incher  to your vacuum pump,this is more efficient .This way you do not release Freon when you purge your lines because no purging is needed, when 30 inches of mercury is acquired just remove the 96 inch house and begin charging.

  21. How would you use the head strap light when your laying down on your back under a car the battery pack and charger would be in your way. They should of had it place on the side

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