CRX Update + Lost Footage From FD Utah

After missing my imaginary deadline, I didn’t really feel like the footage had a home. Here it is!
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28 thoughts on “CRX Update + Lost Footage From FD Utah

  1. In that fab shop please for the love of god make a seperate room for grinding, makes such a huge difference in shop cleanliness

  2. When trajectory has you going off course, the gas pedal is what saves you. Left foot braking could only make things worse. But hey, I'm just a nobody in the comments section. I've only watched every round for the last 10 years and literally listened to Vaughn explain this numerous times

  3. I've been so bummed over the season you're having but I know it's a growing pains issue. You will feel the car & team soon & it will all fall in place.

  4. You say that in the higher altitude the na cars especially made less power, cause you can’t just turn the boost up. But could you not have just jetted up the nitrous?

  5. Absolutely love the new track. That entry speed is so sick!! I think Chelsea dropped in at like 108MPH?!?! I was bummed when I saw you go off one qual 2. I could tell you were struggling with something on your qual 1 run though. Honestly that track, in theory, is a perfect fit for those big body high HP Mustangs. Looking forward to seeing it next year.

    Also that thumbnail is fire, lol.

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