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A box of 100 is $12.71 on J&B Tool Sales website.
Here’s a link to get a box of your own: http://www.jbtoolsales.com/microflex-mf-300l-diamond-grip-powder-free-latex-gloves-large#oid=1002_1

I’ve been using these gloves for years. I’m not saying they’re perfect, but they’ve served me quite well. These are latex gloves so if you have an allergy to latex these are not the gloves for you. Also know that they come in different sizes ranging from small to extra large. I think I have an average size hand and I use the large.

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35 thoughts on “Diamond Grip Gloves Tool Review -EricTheCarGuy

  1. We used to use the Diamond Grips in EMS- they're pretty much the go-to brand on the market, if you're doing latex. That said, the GloveWorks HD Industrial is pretty close to the Diamond Grips, but they're a little cheaper. (12.71 is now really cheap for these- we're going on $30.00 a box on Amazon these days.)

  2. Watching this in 2020 – feel the need to comment that it’s hard to get nitrile gloves because of COVID

  3. I'm a huge fan of wearing gloves myself, so I love that this guy knows SO MUCH about latex rubber gloves! 😎 What a fantastic video! Very well made! 😊 "Don't forget to play with your tools!" What a great philosophy to live by! (especially when gloved) 😁

  4. I use them cuhz ppl have complained that thier car is dirty with grease and i mean the ateering wheele fuck its so fucken anoying!

  5. Do not go to Advance Auto, NAPA, Autozone, etc. for these gloves! I love them and they work great but my first buying experience I picked up a box of 100 of these Diamond Grip Gloves and paid $21! They are $10 and change from Amazon with standard shipping and even cheaper if you buy in bulk!

  6. Eric great video . I have used Diamond grip for a while now. I have tried many others and i don't get the same feel or strength in the rubber like i do with the diamond grips. The pool of sweat i can relate to. Even after 30 mins my hands prune up sometimes. i don't always wear gloves But when i do i wear diamond grip

  7. Diamond Grip is great. When I worked for BASF in one of their pesticide plants, that's what we used. It provided great protection from the bug killer and I figure if a big company like that buys them, they are probably pretty good.

  8. I'm glad to hear that the gloves are just for keeping your hands clean. I don't mind the dirt and chemicals, so it's a relief to know that I'm not missing something when I don't wear gloves.

  9. As a full time tech i've found that sticking to on type of gloves was not really the best solution For rough jobs I use medical examination gloves they're nitrile and less prone to tearing due also offer more resistance against pin pricks that can disintegrate standard nitrile gloves

    For interior work i use thin latex gloves mostly to make sure i'm not marking the customers car in anyway.

    Anyone doing auto mechanics full time should be doing all they can to protect there skin.

  10. I never used gloves untill a dealer I worked at started provided them.  Now I wont work on anything without them.

  11. I prefer the vinyl gloves(non latex) Took the I-Car haz-mat class and learned that you should use gloves a majority of the time at work for Your protection

  12. I generally use gloves but occasionally (and especially in the summertime), I'll use Invisible Glove – it's a liquid that you just spread over your hands.  Once they dry, go to work.  Once you're done, just wash up and everything washes right off.

  13. also know a trick you can do with a thin latex glove, if you have to deal with allen head bolts in difficult locations, you can use allen keys with a ball end to get them out, but sticking them back in is more difficult. You can get a piece of latex from a glove, pull it over the ball end of the key, press the bolt on there and then it just sits there in whatever orientation you put it, can hold it upside down etc. Saved me a lot of time and irritations that one 😉

  14. company i worked at years ago (clean room stuff) had cotton + some elastic stuff gloves without fingertips to wear under the latex gloves. That really kept the sweat / blister issues down nicely. No idea what make those were, but a solution is out there for those with sweaty hands.

  15. @EricTheCarGuy Dude your totally awesome I've watched a lot of your videos and learned a lot form all the information you post for your viewers. From what kinda a gloves one would simply buy to how to improve your vehicles performance. I simply wanna let you know you do a fantastic job for doing what you do, and keep up the good work and as long as you'll stay Dirty so would We…Thanks a lot Eric👍👍👍

  16. Gloves are great, I always wear 'em. Protects your hands from chemicals and carcinogens, makes it easier to wash your hands at the end of the day (or before lunch!), just an all-round good idea.

  17. Try the blue safety grips too. Those things are damn near indestructible. I've gotten two full days out of them before. No good in hot weather though!!!

  18. why do you wear gloves lol we wear them because if we have to handle customer papers and computers and to keep clean  and save your hands look at a ford or gm mechanic their hands are so beat up most of them dont wear gloves.. 

  19. One other thing about wearing gloves. I have read that it is bad to let used engine oil contact your skin. Due to the fact that there are dozen of harmful chemicals in it.
    John Mc. 

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