Driving for RTR at FD Orlando 2023

My second round of Formula Drift this season – and I feel insanely comfortable in these machines. The team has been making nonstop improvements with the car and I’m beyond excited to drive one of my favorite tracks at FD NJ!



25 thoughts on “Driving for RTR at FD Orlando 2023

  1. FROTH!!!!!! I love watching you drive buddy. i get so exited during your battles, i feel like im always on the edge of my seat cheering for you to move on. good luck next round man.

  2. The Fact That They Had To Protest At All Tell You Everything Cause Without That Mistake LZ Clearly Wins .. These Judges Lol

  3. is it just me or adam didnt make a mistake, because as a chase driver ur job is to mimic lead drivers angle, and something happened to field and his line on the first bank wasnt consistant, in my eyes, the fault should have demmed on field and adam should have advanced on. Tough luck

  4. Keeping it real, ADAM you need more seat time in that RTR chassis… this prolly your best run but we all know you can do better.

  5. it’s amazing to me how you get no practice with your car. i’m sure this mostly has to do with how full you’re schedule is, so i really think you need to let yohan be the host of video’s more often so you have occasional down time to do other things like get aquatinted with this car.

    tons of other YouTuber’s have done this before and it’s worked extremely well. heck even your boy Jimmy has been doing it. it’s worth experimenting with.

  6. I hardly ever use the foot brake on assetto. Maybe a tap just to settle the car and using it to do backies. But I'm always on handbrake when chasing.

  7. The judging calls in FD are getting worse and worse each round. It’s actually getting ridiculous at this point.

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