Electrical Troubleshooting Basics – EricTheCarGuy

Electrical Troubleshooting Basics – EricTheCarGuy

I get a lot of questions regarding electrical issues so when this 1994 Geo came in I thought it might be a perfect opportunity to show some of the basic steps that I follow when confronted with an electrical problem. Keep in mind that electrical problems come in all shapes and sizes so there really is no ‘magic bullet’ here but if you follow a basic procedure like the one shown in this video it might help you find and repair the problem. Here is a video that I did some time ago on soldering wires.

Soldering wires

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38 thoughts on “Electrical Troubleshooting Basics – EricTheCarGuy

  1. Thanks Eric for the great video, my turn signals wasn't working, checked fuses but they were good, I thought, I never checked both sides of the fuse, so I did and it was the hazard lights, thanks again.

  2. The shitty thing is is my test light on the lights up the one color so if I did exactly what you did I would never have come to the conclusion that you did because they’re going to light up the same

  3. Thank you so much for your valuable post. It is really do help me to understand something about electrical issue for the beginner. Than you again, Eric

  4. I am in my 1st semester of automotive technology. My instructor has already driven into my head that a fuse just doesn’t go bad something has to have happened to pop any fuse. What are your comments about said statements Mr. EricTheCarGuy?
    Respectfully, Alec McMillan

  5. How do you check if you have no power ? Complete dead .I have a 2006 GMC Sierra pickup .I was starting it . and all it did was a grinding noise so I started it over and over and over again till I lost all power no Dash lights nothing dead Any ideas? Thanks 👍🇨🇦

  6. Hate to admit it, watched this several years ago. Just got a 98 Cherokee that's an electrical nightmare in terms of headlights. Replaced fuse because of being blown – took to shop after being clueless – here it was another fuse off of OBD2 port.

  7. hi i have a 1992 toyota hilux with a lexus 1uz motor V8 i had a 5 pin switch on the dash that i disconnected to change the dash surround and when i wired the 5 wires back into the switch the dash lights flickered and then when i went to start it it fired but stopped straight away each time i started it it did the same so i checked all fuses and went and got another head fuse relay but did nothing can you help

  8. All fuses are good, alt and battery tested good. Headlights and interior lights flicker with everything when I press the brake, gas ac turn on window button press etc what's wrong??

  9. Hi, I have not been able to fix it for years. This year I will fix it. can u help with my passenger door window on my 3rd gen 4runner? It only goes down but not up with using both window switches on driver and passenger. I confirmed it's not a motor issue already. Can you give me some pointers on what to test? Thx.

  10. Hi I'm facing a weird electrical issue on my 2006 Accord V6. It cranks and fires for a second and dies after that the gear shift indicator light goes off and check engine light also and does not show any error code at this point. The check engine light and great indicators comes back after pulling out the key and switching on again. Do you have any tips where to look for this issue

  11. The fact that my electrical issues may just be a bad fuse is very reassuring, especially when my car already scares me as it is. 90s chevys are very confusing cars

  12. Hi Eric, I want to know if you know of some one who can help with electrical problem solving on line and I am more then willing to pay per case. Waiting for your reply. Take care.

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