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A day late and a dollar short but we were finally able to get this show on the air. This hang out was originally scheduled for 1/15/2014 but there was a system outage on Google+ that prevented me from doing that. However, today is another day and we got it done. In this show we covered stuff on transmission diagnosis, ignition diagnosis, brake noises, weird axle problems, and even talked a little bit about overcoming the fear of doing mechanical work. I thought it was a good show. I’ll say one last thing before I give you the useful links that I promised and that is that I don’t answer the questions posted to this YouTube video. If you want your questions answered, post them to the next event on Google+ and I may answer them during the next program. I do the shows every other Wednesday at 7pm EST, or at least I try to. You can follow me on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter to find out details of when the next show will be.

Here’s some links for you.

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41 thoughts on “EricTheCarGuy Answers Questions Live #10 1/16/2014

  1. About the '77 Cutlass question; sounds like either the throttle linkage or fast idle cam is sticking. No electronics on that carb in '77 (that would come in '81), but it had plenty of smog crap on it. If it doesn't have to pass a smog  inspection, I'd buy a rebuilt QJet from someplace like Summit Racing, but I'd get the one intended for pre-EGR (pre-'73 I believe)–it makes the engine a whole lot simpler to work on.

  2. Hi Eric, maybe you can help me, 2008 cobolt sometimes when I am driving on the highway and press on the breaks I feel rapid thumps , it dosen't do it when the breaks are not pressed. It dosen't happen everytime, and ideas ?

  3. Hey erick I always see u videos they are pretty helpful but when u are gonna make videos about BMW I hope u do it soon thanks for all the help u bring to ur channel

  4. The first question asked about the van heating.  On my ford I had the same thing.  Found a vacuum hose by the front of the intake.  Hard to spot but putting it back on fixed it.

  5. Some expansion tank cooling systems don't require bleeding; they have a deaeration line that basically bleeds the coolant all the time while the car normally runs; excess air passes through the tank cap similar to how a radiator cap passes fluid.  It's worth checking your service manual to find out if bleeding is necessary.

  6. got a question. 98 eclipse rs 2.0 non turbo. will smoke when at idle for 10+ mins. otherwise no problem. any idea? no other issues.

  7. hi Eric I have 2009 Nissan 350z and when I turn the ignition to the on position everything was on but I could not start car do you know what the problem

  8. Eric, now a days prescription glasses are mostly made out of plastic these days. People with really bad eye sight that needs coke bottle glasses(no disrespect) are needing he glass type for the plastic styles cant get the prescription in them.

  9. Today, most prescription eye glasses are made with plastic lenses. These plastic lenses are NOT rated for safety.  Always wear rated safety glasses over prescription eye glasses when working on various projects.  Oversized safety glasses are available to fit over all types of eye glasses…

  10. Just can I know how you loosed weight Eric ? Diet or just work and exercise ? or something else … I was watching your old videos and now suddenly I saw you with remarkable weight change , Hope you can help me in this Issue too 🙂 ! Thanks

  11. Hey, so I have a Honda Accord v6 1998 coupe and the problem is, when it is cold out the brake pedal is hard to push, and car would not stop but after the car warms up to normal temp the pedal is back to normal. This happens every time. Could this be a brake booster problem? Or Hydro boost problem?

  12. Eric is wrong about prescription glasses being made of glass.  Hasn't been that way in a while since glass is heavy and can shatter. Even the ones made from polycarbonate aren't impact – rated like real safety glasses are.

  13. I wear glasses i try to remember to wear safety glasses but i dont always but i find stuff can get behind them but that might just be me

  14. love your stuff eric! keep them coming. and thanks again for the checking transmission tip on hondas. checking it with the engine off makes a difference and now my fluid is good and trans is shifting much better!

  15. Eric, your looking a bit too thin, are you ok?  Love you lots man!  You've helped me so much with your wisdom, and im drunk… hehe!

  16. Most eyeglasses are made from polycarbonate (aka plastic) these days, not glass. They're meant to be shatterproof. That said, they do make prescription safety glasses that use even stronger lens material.

    When using a grinding tool or cutoff wheel, I'd rather use a full-face shield rather than just safety glasses.

  17. I recently read a report on a solution that can be used in the radiator in the place of antifreeze and water. However, I can't remember the name of it. I've tried to look it up online but to no avail. Are you familiar with such a product and is it safe for long term use?

  18. Most glasses nowadays are made out of a Polycarbonate plastic material.  Protected from the front.  If you wear glasses, I would suggest investing a set of "side guards" that clip to the side of your glasses.  That way you are just as protected as other normal safety glasses.

  19. I Have a question how do you determine if your Speedometer cluster is bad or if the actual fuel lever is faulty(my gas needle is always either full or empty) without actually going into the tank  i have a 2004 Buick Lesabre  

  20. question for you, 03 Town and country. 3.8L engine, throttle does not like to be feathered, it bogs down and the rpm's drop around 1200. otherwise runs like a bat outta heck. after 45MPH it seems to not to do it as much. any idears?

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