EricTheCarGuy Answers Questions Live #43 5/27/2015

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In this show we talked about tightening suspension components in the air, performance problems, lots of performance problems, oil in coolant, used car purchases, used handicap van purchases, gas on your air filter, water in your exhaust, oil that smells like gas, replacing transmission mounts, diagnosing catalytic converters, noises while driving, wheel bearings, engine noises, carburetor rebuilds, stalling, hight idle, tires, alignments, do you need an alignment, performance suspension parts, overheating, replacing exhaust valves, and finally, torque to yield head bolts.

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Videos discussed in this hang out.

Solving Performance Problems 1:

Solving Performance Problems 2:

Re Performance Problems:

Leak Down Testing:

Catalytic Converter Diagnosis:

Cleaning Catalytic Converters with Lacquer Thinner:

Cleaning Catalytic Converters with Soap and Water:

Cleaning Catalytic Converters with Sodium Hydroxide:

Diagnosing Suspension Noises:

Diagnosing Engine Noises:

Diagnosing Overheats:

Power Balance Testing:

K Series Valve Adjustment:

Torquing Cylinder Head Bolts:

Used Car Inspection Part 1:

Carburetor Rebuild Basics Part 1:

Carburetor Rebuild Basics Part 2:

Carburetor Adjustment Basics:

Discussion about this video:

Useful articles.

Engine overheat:

No start problems:

Idle issues:

Performance issues:

Diagnosing Noises:

Diagnosing Vibrations:

Electrical Problems:

Brake Issues:

Transmission issues:

HVAC problems:

Buying a Used Car:







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27 thoughts on “EricTheCarGuy Answers Questions Live #43 5/27/2015

  1. Eric i have a question, what size vacuum pump do you have when you do a/c videos? Im going to be buying the valve set up you have and would like to know what brand/size. Great videos, there very helpful and informative. Thanks, keep them coming.

  2. Ive seen gas in the air cleaner before  It came from the charcoal canister and the owner overfilling the tank all the time and it getting sucked up through the emissions system and slowly fills the canister till full then gets sucked into the intake system

  3. Hey Eric i have a problem with a 09 malibu 2.4 engine I've try so many things that am almost giving up on it what the car does is that when ever is a hot weather day like 98 100 degrees the car only drives 5 miles and start like a misfire and throws a (code p1682 driver 5 line 2) and on the cluster says engine power reduce and the car won't go past 20 miles but then i just leave the car off for like 10 minutes and starts fine with no codes

  4. 6:53 once again the man can't pronounce my name LOL
    thanks for the answer but as far as transmission fluid it looks good no contamination  and for the coolant getting low the radiator has a leak and i always add coolant so i cant really now if its getting low but in the overflow tank there was some oil contamination

  5. can someone help me please…my small carburetor car radiator and the cap and water pump is fine and fan running direct….but my car still have overheat problem….why? thanks in advance…

  6. How do I connect an android phone to my car which doesn't have an aux wire I have tried an fm transmitter but the quality isn't great

  7. I have a 1993 honda accord with the dash BRAKE LAMP on and i've changed the calipers to brake pads and changed the axle (due to car front end from shacking) and i dont know what could be the problem at high speeds 70mph and higher when braking it shakes a little ( but it shakes a lot less now that ive changed the brake caliper and brake pads)

  8. hey eric i have a brand new 2015 bmw 320i and everytime i start it the a/c system turns on i tired every difffrant combination to get it to stop  can you help

  9. Have you ever wished you got into another line of work? Carpentry? Plumbing? etc. I'm a paper pusher who really wished he got into auto tech work in his younger day….even with your warnings!

  10. Hi Eric! I have recently bought a foam based a/c cleaner and I'm not sure if I should remove my air and cabin air filter before using it? Thanks!

  11. i have a volvo s40 t4 and i have had problems with it from the day i bought it .
    1.the cat was blocked (fixed)
    2  the cam sensor was faulty (fixed)
    3. It cracked a spark 2 cylider (fixed)
    now i have prob where it just cuts out it just dies any ideas  ?

  12. im sure you've heard this before but seriously Thanks a lot for all the help you've bailed me out many times with your videos, great videos, great descriptions, great step by step instructions, Thanks Eric, Cheers

  13. Hi Eric, my husband only download all your videos and we have 1997 camry 2.2 with 240k miles. at 60mph trans shakes and if I take the pressure on acc. stop the syntom. Any recommendation besides new filter and atf?

  14. hi , i have a problem for 2 years no one know what's wrong with my car , at certain speed 80-100 everything shaking the dash the seats but not the steering , i have changed all the tires and did tyre alignment 3 times nothing changed , it's really annoying problem 

    please help , my car is crown vic 1998

  15. I tried to be an auto technician at mercedes, it was a work experience given after an interview. I wasn't cut out for it, a lot of work and 'politics' if you get what I mean. No one seemed that happy.

  16. Hey eric 🙂 what could cause a white bluish smoke coming out of exhaust when starting the car after 10 mins of turning it off? I have a 86 caprice and it does that , and does a 86 caprice have a catalytic converter? and one last thing i don't have water leaks and i don't see symptoms of a blown up head gasket, yet is still lose water :/ (sorry for too many questions) thank you.

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