EricTheCarGuy Answers Questions Live #46 7/8/2015

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In this show we talked about transmission shifting issues, Hyundai intermittent wipers, Honda idle problems, engine noises, exhaust rattles, when to change the oil in a new car, power steering problems, engine misses, engine hesitations, manual transmission replacement, throw out bearing problems, tools to bring on long trips, rust issues, 4 wheel drive problems, when to say goodbye to a vehicle, transmission noise, when to replace an engine, bypassing engine lights, stalling CRV’s, front end noise after strut replacement, overfilling engine oil, Subaru 2.5L head gaskets, and purchasing auto parts from Advance Auto.

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Videos discussed in this hang out.

Parasitic Draw Testing:

Fixing Exhaust Rattles:

Solving Performance Problems 1:

Solving Performance Problems 2:

Diagnosing Suspension Noises:

Diagnosing Engine Noises:

Diagnosing Overheats:

How To Bleed A Cooling System:

How To Find Vacuum Leaks:

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Oil:

How To Flush Power Steering:

Honda No Spark Diagnosis:

No Start Diagnosis:

Should You Rebuild or Replace:

When It’s Time To Say Goodbye:

Discussion about this video:

Useful articles.

Engine overheat:

No start problems:

Idle issues:

Performance issues:

Diagnosing Noises:

Diagnosing Vibrations:

Electrical Problems:

Brake Issues:

Transmission issues:

HVAC problems:

Buying a Used Car:



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47 thoughts on “EricTheCarGuy Answers Questions Live #46 7/8/2015

  1. Many new cars have production dates marked on various components, and on the Federal disclosure window sheet that is like a build sheet, and is required to be viven to the first purchaser. (I think its called mahoney or malrooney,somrehing like that) my Hknda was very nice that way. Every time I took off a piece of cladding, opened a cavity there was a January 2004 sticker or stamp.

  2. Honda cat converter shields are inexpensive. The one for my Element cost ten bucks, included screws. (I had the problem before I found Erik) easiest way to find the problem is to let it get worse. Starts as a buzz, progresses to rattle then clanking as you drive over bumps. Only non consumable part I replaced in 11 years, 80,000 miles.

  3. +1 on the GM Synchromesh. You can get it at any parts store as Pennzoil Synchromesh (Pennzoil makes it for GM, GM just slaps their name on it for sale at the Dealer) I run Pennzoil Synchromesh in my Festiva when the manual transmission calls for ATF.

  4. Eric I love your channel and have been a long time subscriber but I always skip these question and answer videos because the video and audio quality is so bad that it makes me want to tear my hair out.  You should invest in a logitech webcam and I better microphone.  Maybe a blue yeti or something.  It would be about $150 or so to make these videos much easier to watch for the viewers.  Signed: A loyal fan.

  5. Hey Eric, I have a '79 fairmont 4 door and haven't had any luck yet finding a lower driver side door hinge online. I'm in Jamaica so there aren't many junkyards with ford vehicles around and the previous owner took a right side lower hinge and flipped it and it works….but the stopper won't. Any idea where I can get one online?

  6. hi Eric i have a 2001 maxima was about to leave work started up it started to smoke from under the hook smelled like electric wire burning i turned it off took the battery off waited for a bit then put the battery back on now it will not start just cranks…any ideas what i can check?

  7. Hi Eric, I've been having a look around your site to ask this question but having a difficult time doing so. So I thought I'd leave it as a comment. Hope that's ok.

    What a some, if not all the procedures you would advise to do to a car when coming back to it from a 2-3 months vacation.

    Changing oil before starting it, thorough visual inspection, anything else before trying to start the car, what to expect, etc.

    Please enlighten us travelers.

    Thanks a bunch. And I apologize if you had already answered this question.

  8. 1998 Honda civic easily floods whenever I have an ignition issue. I resolve the ignition issue but can't find the best way to 'unflood' the engine.

  9. Ive been youtubeing since i got my first car a 96 accord ex coupe. All your vieos are simple and helpful and now i know my way around a car more then my brothers! (Car chick) Just keep doing what your doing you f**** Rock Eric!

  10. Hi everyone, got a 2012 civic which has a vibration primarily on the driver side. It becomes evident with the ac on as soon as the compressor clutch engages. Motor mounts seem ok, pulleys are good. When I put the hand on the driver tire I can really feel it compared to the other side. Any thoughts?

  11. My sister has a 2000 Honda CRV auto with AWD and 210,000 miles, Driving down the highway at 70 MPH a universal joint broke and left it stranded on the side of the highway temporarily. I eventually decided just to remove the propeller shaft with its staked-in non-removable universal joints (which Honda wants over $800 for) and drive it as is since the AWD system is just part time. Can anyone confirm for me that she is not going to damage anything by driving it long term without the shaft connected?

  12. My heater wount blow out blow out cold air it only blows out hot air.. it happens when the car heats up and boy does it got hot… I have no idea what to look for.. it has plenty of coolant.. what should I look at ?

  13. My car is making a very high pitch scream at high rpm (5000 to 7000 rpm) it sounds almost like a supercharger, i dont think its coming from any of the belts, the car is a 1996 nissan skyline, 2.5L 6 cylinder turbo? what could it be?

  14. Hi Eric,
    I changed out my rear rotors and pads on my '02 Silverado and now there is a burning smell and heat coming from the left rear brake. Is my caliper sticking?
    Thank you
    Cat G.

  15. Hi Eric, I have a 1999 Dodge Dakota 5.2 liter v8 and the brake light on the dashboard came on and I don't know how to turn it off it usually comes on when I press in the ebrake brakes work fine and everything just don't know why it's on.

  16. i have changed my steering wheel in my 2001 mk5 fiesta for another 2001 mk5 fiesta steering and the airbag light is on i have discconected the battery for couple of hours and its still on so i have changed the steering wheel back to orignal and its still on i have plugged it in to a diagnostic machince and came up with no codes waht could i do thanks ????

  17. Hi Eric first time i was able to be around one of your live sessions!

    I just wonder on your opinions on a engine change in a opel astra (chevy also used to sell it in the states i believe) i bought one car very very cheaply 2 years ago and i dislike the engine in it 1.6L 8V Wanted to see how much work it would be to swap it for a 2.0L or 2.2L 16V engine most of the things i know will take some trial and error to fit another engine is the motors electrical harness connected thru the bulkhead/firewall there is a huge connector that goes to the electrical systems in the cabin what i wonder as most cars are fitted with all the cable harnesses for different types of versions of the car like power windows and so on, is it a mad winter project to get another engine in and try to set it up?



  18. hey eric i have an 04 chevy trailblazer and when ever i active 4wd its like the drivetrain locks up ant the suv wont move thanks and have a great night

  19. Hey Eric. Kind of an oddball question. I was curious of how to run a carburetor with an electric in tank fuel pump? I picked up a 98 s10 with the engine already pulled for a v8 project. Had an 82 305 with a turbo 350 around, so i want to put that in the s10. When i bought the truck it already had a fuel pressure regulator on the fuel line. Thanks for any info and keep up the great vids!

  20. Hello Eric The Car Guy. I have a 1999 Chevy Cavalier 2.2L. I'm not as knowledgeable when it comes to mechanics so I'll try to describe my problem as best I can. I recently started my car after a few weeks of sitting idly. The engine ran for about less than a minute and it slowly started to die. When I finally realized what was going on I turned the engine off and noticed an odd smell coming from the exhaust. My car has always had issues, such as a leak coming from the front right of the engine, lower engine mount giving way, cv joints and wheel bearings needing to be replaced, but I still lack the knowledge repairing it myself. Recently I went back to the engine to find out, as best I can, what happened and I noticed gasoline smell coming from the engine oil dipstick and what looks like gasoline in the air intake and air filter. Any suggestions on what I should do next? Thanks in advance.

  21. Hello Eric, do you recommend the2UZ FE 4.7 v8 toyota engine from the tundra trucks as an engine replacement? Or reliability comparison wise between Japanese V8 vs American V8, which is better?

  22. My name is Jason. I have a 2006 Ford Fusion 2.3L with 80,000 miles(130,000 miles). In the manual it says "use 5w20, change every 3 months, 3000 miles(5000 kms). Me and the previous owner run 5w-20 full synthetic. Since it's full synthetic can I run the oil longer between changes with it being synethic? Or keep it to the 3 months/3000 miles(5000 km's) that the manual states even though it's not 50/50 oil?

  23. Hi Eric, 2012 Dodge Grand caravan, hissing sound coming from the air filter area, it is constant most times while driving/idle. Some type of leak?

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