EricTheCarGuy Answers Questions Live #50 9/9/2015

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In this show we talked about doing timing belts, getting into auto repair, vibrations at speed, heater problems, how to read spark plugs, performance problems after engine replacement, manual transmission shifting problems, automatic transmission problems, P0500 speed sensor problems, vibrations when steering, what to look for with lean codes, Acura idle problems, more speedometer problems, more timing belt replacement tips, brake pedal problems, CV joint problems, coolant temperature sensor problems, performance problems caused by bad O2 sensors, cruise control problems, idle air control valve problems, and diagnosing issues from collision damage.

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How To Bleed a Cooling System:

Diagnosing Suspension Noises:

Finding Noises on your Vehicle:

Solving Performance Problems 1:

Solving Performance Problems 2:

Re Performance Problems:

Diagnosing Suspension Noises:

Disc Brake Service:

Wheel Cylinder Replacement:

Setting Ignition Timing:

Collision Damage Inspection:

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Engine overheat:

No start problems:

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Performance issues:

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35 thoughts on “EricTheCarGuy Answers Questions Live #50 9/9/2015

  1. Hello Eric,

    I apologize for posting a question on youtube but i couldn't find your google + page also couldn't find a page on your website. My question is: how would one push start a manual car with a keyless ignition. (if it's possible of course)?

    Greeting from,


  2. What do you think about the VW/Audi story about VW/Audi TDI cars having software that fools the emissions standards? It's all over the news.

  3. Hey folks, does anyone know what this super puzzling problem may have been?

    I'm thinking my alarm but maybe you know. Okay, I had the "no start, no crank" that Eric mentioned. I checked everything and even reset the alarm. Now on to the fuses. While the key is turned forward, I'm touching the fuse tester against every fuse. I get to the crank and VROOOOM! My truck starts right up. I turned my key off and turned it back on and it cranked right up. Does anyone know what this may have been? Did the jumpstart bypass the alarm?

  4. Hey Eric, I've seen some of your videos trying to find a solution to my problem. If someone could steer me in the right direction? I have an 08 Ford Focus. I have a problem with it cranking . I turn the key and nothing. No crank. I took it to two different mechanics and they said it was the starter so I had it changed and right before that I thought it was the battery so I got a brand new one. I still have the same problem. The mechanic that changed the starter managed to link a wire from the fuse box. So now to start the car I have to pop the hood and grab the other end of the wire and tap it onto the battery and the Car starts. This mechanic can't figure out the problem and I've had this car like this for a month . I've wasted so much money already. Someone help me please. I'm 25 and going to school I can't afford another wrong direction. Thank you.

  5. Hey Eric I have a 1994 Honda Accord with its second blown head gasket. My fault completely ran with no coolant. Should I replace engine or head gasket. I don't know what to do. Please help

  6. I have a question for Eric and the people here in comments. years ago, a friend of mine who was the worlds worst shade-tree mechanic attempted to fix a bad bearing in his factory turbo charged Couger (I think it was a couger) … for days he worked and worked tearing the lower engine apart. Now I am not completely sure all he did under there… But I remember this. He put the rod bearing(s) back and took the car for a test drive. The motor locked up. He towed it home took the piston/rod he worked on out and the rod was TWISTED! Not snapped, not bent but TWISTED. Like some super hero too the piston and rod and twisted it 45-ish degrees. HOW THE FUCK did this happen?! I have wondered for years.

  7. what is natural gas in the base oil of penzoil platinum plus oil? what my chemistry knowledge tells me, its just the crude oil in vapour form in the tower. comments are disabled in the other video

  8. Hey Eric I recently replace my fathers 2002 Tundra timing belt and didn't had the tool to hold the engine still to remove the crank bolt. Since this engine rotation is clockwise I put my breaker bar rested to the frame and crank the engine to loose the Bolt.

  9. As to certain vehicles, making noises when turning just one directions and not the other, when suspecting a constant velocity joint, one other possibility is inside wheal weights, hitting the stabilizer link on one side only, I had this happen on a 2000 Blazer, 4.3 L, 4X4, this cost me $ 90.00 at the chevy dealer, just for inspection
    Thank you Dennis

  10. eric mane i love u homie if it wasnt for one of your videos i dont think i ever get it running thanks keep tearing things up

  11. do you people not pay attention when he starts with, " I'll be taking questions from the google+ event and Can Not see questions posed to the YouTube video?!?

  12. I have a 2003 ford expedition and when it's moving it's making a noise in the back by the bumper like something is loose I can't seem to find where the noise is coming from. did anyone else have this problem

  13. hey eric how are you… thank you for all the videos especially on Honda repairs which saved me ton of bucks 😀 now i feel like a mechanic.
    STAY DIRTY!!!!
    P.S i'm into IT (GEEK)

  14. Hello eric i have a 2006 Dodge Durango 3.7 Lt with code p0508 Idle Control System Circuit Low. ive replaced IAC motor looked at the integrity of the wire. im pretty much stumped.

  15. Hey Eric! I have an 03 Ford ranger 4×2 3.0 117,500 miles and I recently bought it and the transmission leaks a little and makes a grinding whining noise at every rpm, speed and gear any suggestions? It also shifts VERY hard, i always check the fluid levels and i haven't had to put any in since i bought it.

  16. I have 2001 Malibu with the 3.1L V6. When I inspected the spark plugs I noticed about 2 of the 6 spark plugs covered with oil just on the threads. What could be wrong? Should I be concerned?

  17. I have a 2000 olds intrigue just had a motor put in it got it back friday it has worked great well when i turn the key it trys to crank but wont turn over all I hear is clicking like it wants to, I hear battery, fuel pump, fuel filter, coral pack etc…. help any ideas?

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