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In this show we talked about crank no starts, transmission problems, compression testing, brake fluid changes, engine noises and replacing lifters, loose rocker arm bolts, swapping an automatic with a manual, differential break in, random stalling, aftermarket distributors for Honda’s, low or no brake pedal sometimes, diagnosing suspension noises, maintaining hood latches, transmission problems, and diagnosing brake noises.

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Finding TDC:

Disc Brake Service:

Crank No Start Diagnosis:

Honda No Spark Diagnosis:

Finding Suspension Noises:

Finding Noises:

Solving Performance Problems 1:

Solving Performance Problems 2:

Re Performance Problems:

How To Check Oil Pressure:

Torque Converters Explained:

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Engine overheat:

No start problems:

Idle issues:

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Diagnosing Noises:

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36 thoughts on “EricTheCarGuy Answers Questions Live #52 10/7/2015

  1. Hey eric love the channel man and sorry to ask but I got a 97 ram that stutters when your on the gas and feels like its be held back, I get popping once in a while that sounds like its coming from the cat, has a low idle but idles smooth and it stalls once in a while when you let off the gas and hit the brakes and I don't own any tools to diagnose problems or anyone to help me out so would you mind giving me some suggestions or just show up and fix it lol.  and its got the death wobble. anyone with intell on this would be appreciated   thanks

  2. That first one reminds me of my 1994 Ford Ranger with the 2.3 Lima. If the vacuum reservoir is completely depleted, then the engine will start, then stall immediately before running fine after starting it a second time. Rapidly pumping the brake pedal can cause the engine to stumble as well. Personally it doesn't bother me, but I felt like throwing this out anyway.

  3. @EricTheCarGuy or anyone else. I got a question when i revving up my engine or going into a uphill roads the Smoke from my engine and even other smoke from the other vehicle it's enters my Car's Cabin. Thanks and Regards Cris BTW i'm using Toyota 4runner 1997 and AC on when experiencing…

  4. I can't believe how much I enjoy this channel! Thanks for saving me a lot of pain and suffering with your wheel-lock removal video!!

  5. I have a 93 honda del sol that only over heats when ran at highway speeds. I replaced the thermostat and hoses. fan also works. no check engine light. not sure what could be causing it. could it be the coolant temperature sensor?. need help. anyone??

  6. @EricTheCarGuy or anyone else. I got a question I bought 3 quarts of transmission oil about 3 years ago from Honda I never opened any of the bottles let alone cracking the seals on them can I still use this oil or no, or does it expires? thanks…

  7. Hello, I just bought a Ford Crown Victoria 1999, it seems running smooth, yet the fuel consumption is 26.6 L/100KM while it should be about 10L/100KM, what might be wrong?

  8. Eric I had a kia spectra that had transmission slipping like that guy. Turns out that inside the transmission there is a ribbon cable that has weak solder points. I removed the cable resoldered the solder points and the problem was fixed just that easy.

  9. Hey Eric I have a 2009 Saab 9-3. Its turbo charged and the turbo is leaking oil. Do you think if I took it apart and used high temp gasket maker for the seal that it would suffice. I looked all over the place for the proper parts but it seems impossible to find. If anyone reading this has input id appreciate it.

  10. hey eric, i have a 95 ford f150 no codes come up but there is 2 problems when it gets warm, when it does get warm its hard to start back up, takes 3 trys, also the oil pressure drops and flickers back and forth. im thinking its the toruqe converter. the shifting is fine but it does rattle past 4k rpms. i have tried everything any ideas?

  11. Hi Eric, I just started a engine tear down on my 1999 Acura TL. UnderUnder the intake manifolds I accidentally broke a sensor and I don't know what it's called to buy a new one. Can u help me please..

  12. 1970 monte carlo with 350 crate motor with HEI, Seems to start when it wants to. When it won't start it has no spark. Any tips on where to start looking for what is wrong? Thanks JJ

  13. Do you happen to know what the AC voltage should come out of a pickup coil on a 1988 c1500 silverado? Also, where can I acquire plastic connectors?

  14. I have a 1996 Mercury Mystique with an auto trans. When I go from park to reverse, it does nothing. I have to go down to neutral and back up for it to engage. Same with drive. I have to go to first and back up to D for it to engage. Also, the OD light flashes when I start it. Any idea what this could be? It has a console shifter. I've had people say linkage but also torque converter. Any help?

  15. Hi Eric, I noticed that the MPG on my 2012 nissan versa (manual) kind of drops after the gas hits the middle mark. Why does this happen?

  16. Greetings Eric! Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your videos (I'm a premium member, oh yeah!) and I'm looking forward to the next Fixing it Forward videos and Oliver's as well. BTW, I tried to get an ETCG tag on your online shop but they were out of stock, when are you getting more?
    Stay dirty!

  17. Hi Eric, I have watched almost all of your videos. They have helped me allot with servicing and maintaining my cars. Thank you very much and keep up the good work. 🙂

  18. I have a '95 Ford Taurus. The front end is popping really bad. It seems to be mostly when the suspension is articulating over bumps, and when steering. It seems like a ball joint or something, but I've replaced most of the front end. I did the subframe bushings, tie rod ends, control arms and ball joints, strut rod bushings, sway bar end links (replaced stock plastic junk with metal), springs, and passenger CV axle. I torqued everything properly with a quality torque wrench. The lug nuts are tight. There is no play in the wheel when lifted off the ground and wiggled. After I replaced everything it was fine for awhile, then started getting gradually worse again. The car doesn't seem to pull or anything. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  19. I have great respect for your realistic, helpful attitude and technical ability. You should be very proud.

  20. Here's a doosey for you…I have an 06 Lexus is200 which my dopey girlfriend tried to drift in the wet but spun around and mounted a rollover gutter. The Insurance company just told me to stick it where the sun don't shine so I am left with my pride and joy (not the girlfriend) with a broken off rear left wheel and axle by the look. I can fix the panel work but don't know where to start with the rear left detached wheel and axle. I haven't seen the car but it comes home tomorrow. I fitted adjustable coil overs and am praying that they are intact( I'm broke). From the pictures it isn't close to a write off and I probably rate my ability at 7 out of ten mechanically. If I didn't just take a kick ass sleeping tablet I would be crying over it right now.(Not really). The wheel fell off trying to drag it onto the tow truck. i will have more info tomorrow when I get home from work and take a close look at my baby (again not the girlfriend). I look forward to any helpful advice. Thank you to anyone who can provide me any direction. I can't thank you enough in advance if you can give me any advice whatsoever. Cheers. Jarrod, Melbourne, Australia.

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