EricTheCarGuy Answers Questions Live #53 10/21/2015

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In this show we talked about knock sensor locations, no start problems, long term effects of misfires, how long you should let your car idle, removing rusty Ford exhaust manifolds, erratic coolant temperature, can O2 sensors cause performance problems, old Ford SRS fuses, starter rebuilds, cruse control problems, no start problems, manual transmission pops out of gear, unclogging heater cores, engine performance problems, speedometer problems, power steering noise problems, idle problems, does running your HVAC hurt the engine, getting a car running that sat, transmission problems, MAP sensor codes on Civics, reconditioning axles, and fuel gauge problems.

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Diagnosing Battery Cable Issues:

Power Balance Testing:

Compression Testing:

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Crank No Start Diagnosis:

Honda No Spark Diagnosis:

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Engine overheat:

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Electrical Problems:

Brake Issues:

Transmission issues:

HVAC problems:

Buying a Used Car:



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34 thoughts on “EricTheCarGuy Answers Questions Live #53 10/21/2015

  1. Hi, The best info that I have noticed was on Volt daddy (i found it on google) I bet its the most detailed info on batteries and this stuff that I have found.

  2. Howdy, The best guide that I have noticed was on Volt daddy (i did a google) Without a doubt the most informative info on batteries and this type of that I have found

  3. This isn't the safest advice but with that fuse you can always double the amperage of the fuse itself. This is pretty dangerous and could cause a fire out of nowhere if the short is bad enough but it could save you 400 if it works. It's a 94.. I'd take the chance. But it's not my stuff. Good luck!

  4. hi,I have a Hyundai accent 2000 GS,lc,I've have replaced all suspension, but I have a bit of a clunk in rear suspension wheel movement, when I place my hands 6-3 OK no movement, 12-6 no movement but moving it in direction back & forward i have a bit of a noise both sides new wheel bearings the noise sounds like a top mount nut is loose when i drive over uneven ground but allgood over speed humps,but I've torque d everything to specs this started after getting new tyres and a alignment,so I thought it was stunts I replaced and springs top mounts trailing arm,control arms all bushings sway bar links bushings ,knuckle spin del wheel bearings,i have rechecked all the work but now when I jack up the car and spin the wheel there is a slight movement both sides,what do u think it could be my problems

  5. Hello Eric,

    I have a 1993 Z28 5.7. The problem I have with my camaro is that sometimes my Camaro will want to sputter out and die, even if driving at 75 mph. I'll push in the gas petal all the way down and nothing. I'll pull over and let sit for a few minutes, and start the car, driving it like nothing is wrong. I should point out that it happened after I had a friend replace the alternator. The previous owner said the fuel pump was to blame because he knew the fuel pumps from Auto Zone weren't very good to begin with. I'd like to know what could be the culprit. So, any advice/info would be greatly appreciated. I will more than happy to answer any questions.
    Thanks, Cruz.

  6. Eric i have a2004 honda accord and when i put the heating on it smells like gas, what is causing the heater to smell like gas?

  7. OMG!…I had a car just like that. 1971 chevelle best car in the world. Mine was completely stock. I bought it off a older couple for 400$. Damn it still had bias ply tires on it and drive like a dream. What a flash to the past.

  8. Im in Northern Wisconsin where winters like last year was warm if it hit -10 with out windchill. I use my block heater and up here they think I have to use it so my truck will start but she always starts instantly 2sec on the key and shes running. I use the block heater so I have instant heat.

  9. The firebird sound like a can bus communication where the ecm looses coolant temp reference the fan go on by default as a fail safe program being the temp drops like a rock on the instrument cluster…
    Wes LI New York

  10. Hey Eric, I'm quite a fan of your show and have (ONE) hopefully constructive criticism!!!
    Please (!) film the Questions section with an extra Camera, or save the higher quality material and post a better quality in this format. When I work at my PC I just put these videos in the background and listen to it like radio, but also the quality of the audio is like the stream version. It would increase the hits on this format soooo much (I guess ;-))! Greetings from 'bluemotion' Germany

  11. hey etcg, i have a 92 chevy c1500 with a 5.0 tbi. im not getting high idle when i cold start it, also it has a weak idle. any suggestions? thanks, love your videos.

  12. Hi Eric I got a 2001 Lexus is300 auto that doesn't have reverse. It didn't shows any signs of transmission problem before this. The reverse went out after one night I was reverse out of my drive way and put in fast into gear ( it jerks a little bit) then Slammed on the gas, and later I found out the reverse was gone. It also drives on neutral, but when out into reverse, it just revs. The car currently drive good with no grinding or skipping gears. Do you think it's the transmission or gear selector?

  13. love your videos Eric but a question to satisfy my own curiosity you have a bandwidth limitation or something
    your normal vids are stellar quality but your streams are blocky and generally low quality
    its really distracting …..

  14. X I have a 93 accord It runs fine till ive drivin it for like 30 mins then it starts ideling horribly and when at a stop light it will just die. I've read forms and even tho alot of people have the same issues. Nothing seems to be my issue. Cleaned the iac and throttle body, replaced the fiv ( and adjusted it ) replaced fuel filter and distributer. Had the timing reset. Still same issues I'm lost

  15. Eric,
    Would it be at all possible to boost the audio quality just a bit. The hissing and fading makes it very difficult to listen to your live program in its entirety with extreme hearing discomfort. Could you please?

  16. Thanks for answering Eric. I'll try something else to make the car start. Next move is to change the head gasket cause apparently that isn't any good and they said that that itself can make the vehicle loose compression.
    So I thank you for your time.

  17. looking at bleeding brakes on a 07 hyundai santa fe. ..does gravity bleeding work?…and what is the best way to bleed considering it has abs?
    thanks everyone!

  18. hey Eric,
    I've got a 2004 Vauxhall Astra 1.6, I've currently got a error code of 111606, which i believe is equivalent to P1116. I think theres a problem with a sensor in the thermostat. Im having no problems with the thermostat opening & closing and get heat out the air vents, although the car does run 2-3 degrees C higher than usual. any idea what could be the problem?

  19. Hey eric been watching for a while now love the fairmont project
    I'm looking at a 2001 cherokee this weekend the guy says the oil pressure gauge says zero but it runs and drives fine and the motor is dead silent should i be worried about anything other than the sending unit?

  20. Hey Eric,

    thank you SO MUCH for your time and effort doing these videos.
    QUESTION: I had my timing chain replaced in my 22R cressida, replaced the engine head, water pump, radiator cap, and every gasket in the engine compartment. HOWEVER, I seem to have a crazy overheating issue. no leaks or pressure loss. ( although the upper hot hose doesnt seem to hold pressure when its hot and i can remove the cap easily).

    REALLY hope you help me on what to do. Thanks again.

  21. What's up Eric,

    I have an Audi A4 Quattro, just purchased it and I noticed the 2 rear wheels have a huge wheel gap. Also, they are slightly turned in towards the car a bit. Like toe/heel? are misaligned. I noticed when doing the brakes they have some pretty unique suspension components. I get some swaying and vibration at higher than 60mph. Any idea what suspension components I should be looking at?

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