EricTheCarGuy Answers Questions Live #73 (AMA) 9/8/2016

This was the first live stream I did this way. I still have a few things to work out.

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28 thoughts on “EricTheCarGuy Answers Questions Live #73 (AMA) 9/8/2016

  1. I have a 1987 F150. I stupidly charged the battery without taking the cable's off as it was starting right up before I did this, the reason the truck wasn't registered yet. Now it turn's over but will not start. Anyone know of any reason why? When I turn the key on the on position I can hear the fuel pump for a couple second's. Could it be electric related. ?

  2. Eric, I looked all over Youtube for videos that adress why the dashboard lights and even the glove compartment box light are all out and I talked to many people and they all said that it might be or it's def the dimmer switch (a potentiometer) next to the headlights switch ( a dial type switch on the dash) and I I tried replacing it with several identical dimmer switches from the junk yard which I assumed were fine and they looked fine and I might've even tested them with my multimeter but still nothing happened. So I looked at my Chilton book at the diagram and that didn't really help, so now I'm beyond frustrated and exhausted and don't what to do maybe just buy a brand new dimmer switch which is $60-70 which I see as super overpriced. So do you have any advice or have worked on this type of issue on a VW Jetta Mk4? Anyone that sees this and have dealt with this and fixed this on the same car like mine let me know how. Thanks

  3. i got a question. i just bought an 01 tundra with a v6. it says plainly on the oil filler cap to use 5w30 motor oil. but the guy i bought it from says he's had it for 7 years and has used nothing but 10w30 because he says it needs thicker oil when it gets over 100000 miles.should i continue what he's been doing, use the recommended oil, or is there a better solution?

  4. Wow, removing the check engine light bulb so it doesn't light up any more. Do people that do that also pour gasoline on a fire in order to extinguish it, because it's also a liquid, just like water?

  5. Hey Eric, I can't find the solution online anywhere and was hoping you could guide me to an answer on this:
    My 2009 Toyota Sienna completely turned off and immediately on again about 6 times in a row while I was driving yesterday. All the accessory lights turned on and off in sync as well. It was as if I had turned the key all the way off and on again. When I arrived at my destination and tried starting up the car again, the immobilizer was engaged and I needed a separate key to start it again. What could be causing my car to stall like this?

  6. Funny how the S2000 was marketed as a Honda in the U.S. rather than being re-badged Acura, as one might expect for a more "upscale" sporty Honda.

  7. For wet carpet guy, check heater core / blower fan assembly for debris such as leaves or dirt plugging up the drainage port/hose

  8. Eric I am highly disappointed in you. you should certainly know how the tire size markings translate on a tire. but here is an example just in case you can't figure it out.


    •(195)= tread width in mm
    •(75)=sidewall height measured in percentage of tread width=(75% of tread width)
    •(r15)= rim size at bead seating surface

  9. just fyi eric 195 65 15 means 195 mm wide on thr tread 65 is 65% of 195 and the 15 is the cut out for the rims bead seat just so you know that is why you got over 700 mm when you did the 30in conversion. the 7.5 16c should mean a rim width of 7.5 and 16 in diameter the catalog we are taught out of basically puts that anything over 25 years old speed and weight ratings dont apply i have found that a 30in diameter tire would be approx a 255 70 16 so if he can get the rim confirmed size or if he can get any actually numbers for tire sizeing there are plus sizing calculators online that can show his current tire and the changes to a new tire but if the tire is 30in a 255 70 16 would be exactly the same and then yes all he needs is to determin offset for clearence and but the rims have to go you cant put radials on tube rims

  10. On the tire size question…195/75R15…195 is not the tire diameter. It's the tire WIDTH in mm. 75 is the percentage of the width in sidewall height, and 15 is the inside diameter or rim size.

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