EricTheCarGuy & Jim Bates Answer Questions Live #47 7/22/2015

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In this show we talked about fiberglass body panels and crash protection, how to use a clutch in traffic, hard starting with a carbureted engine, AC problems, how to evacuate an AC system, does the oil get removed when evacuating AC?, VTC problems on K series Honda’s, VW shifting problems when hot, solving Odyssey alarm problems, igniting switch issues, hard hot restart problems, leaking injectors, what type of plugs to use, cleaning new brake rotors, machining discs and drums, P0500 codes, and other automotive stuff.

Special thanks to Jim Bates from Advance Auto, he was a great guest and a font of automotive wisdom. I hope we can have him on the show again.

If I didn’t get to your question I apologize. Questions posted after the event ends will not be answered. Questions posted to the YouTube video will not be answered. Next show is July 22, 2015 7pm EST though, or visit 24/7/365.

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Videos discussed in this hang out.

Basic Electrical troubleshooting 1:

Basic Electrical troubleshooting 2:

Finding Noises on your Vehicle:

How To Check Fuel Pressure:

AC System basics:

AC Performance test:

Finding and Repairing AC leaks:

Recharging AC systems:

How To Drive a Stick:

How To Diagnose a Clutch:

Disc Brake Service:

How To Adjust a Carburetor:

Discussion about this video:

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Engine overheat:

No start problems:

Idle issues:

Performance issues:

Diagnosing Noises:

Diagnosing Vibrations:

Electrical Problems:

Brake Issues:

Transmission issues:

HVAC problems:

Buying a Used Car:



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27 thoughts on “EricTheCarGuy & Jim Bates Answer Questions Live #47 7/22/2015

  1. 1984 celica gts 22re ignition coil getting super hot car won't start til coil cools down. need to replace. can I replace with msd or exel better quality coil? any difference

  2. Please someone help. I need my truck back. Its an electronic 4×4 nd its stuck in 4lo..can I just remove the front driveshaft nd drive it? I've been riding my bike nd lost 10 lbs lol..I need my truck back guys help! My question is would it matter if I remove the shaft ..I mean the CV axles r still technically electronically locked.. But no driveshaft.. Would I be able to drive it? Without the clunks nd jumps of driving on dry pavement

  3. Eric, Can you please put up a video on how to tighten Emergency brake on 2008 Ford Edge.  Also had a hard time in removing the rear rotor. Any suggestions.  Have heard that rear bearings on this vehicle are failing at 60K.   Thanks

  4. Hi Erick, I would like to buy an OBD can you recommend a good one.  I used to wrench on cars with my dad as a child.  Now that I am 58 ( am a women ) tired of getting ripped off.  I am purchasing a code book as well for my 03 Tahoe.  I bought it used from an unsavory type.  Took it to a Mechanic, I asked him to go over it. Full tune up, changed the oil filter plugs, plug wires, wire harness, air filter, he also changed the fuel pump and filter. Before the tune up it had power ie when I hit the gas pedal it took off now it lags. And when it sits and idles for a short time it starts to get hot.  Thank you for your time.  Bobbie

  5. I have a 1996 Chevy blazer and when I drive it for a bit and have to stop my car will start to shake like it is going to stall but when I start to drive again it will be fine then when I slow down to stop it does it again and so on. What do I do?

  6. Do you have a video about honda six speed manual transmission that was put in the 2006 honda civic si as well as others that blows the main input shaft bearing. Seriously by the time you hear it and get it checked out its wallered out and ruined the trans case. Honda wanted 4945 dollars to fix my car. So now I have to buy a rebuilt trans for 1699 and install it myself and be stuck here without a car because some engineer used the wrong bearing. FUUCCK

  7. For that Austin guy with the manual transmission, I think to put it quite simply, yeah, it's def. something you have to feel, but he had the right idea in his secondary question which I don't think was really answered.  You rev it up a little bit and half engage the clutch for like 1/2 or 3/4 second just to get the car rolling a bit then clutch back in.  You want to get the car rolling a little bit but you want the clutch to be engaged as little of a time as possible w/o shocking the drivetrain.  That's by far the best way to do it.  Hope if he reads this that helps.

    Also, as a side note, revving less is better for the clutch (given the same clutch engagement duration) as there's less of a speed differential which will translate to less heat which will translate to less wear.  So just like, 1700 revs or so (depends on the car and how much torque it makes down low), partially engage the clutch for like 1/2 second, then disengage and let it roll.  As little revs as possible for as little duration as possible.

  8. Hi Eric and Jim….got a 1995 Toyota Corolla…my clutch works well when car has not been driven… I drive it for a while and my clutch gets stuck in first or second…i need to turn off car to put it in gear….i adjusted the clutch underneath car and it still does it….can you tell me what the problem may be….plus when i put it on reverse or 5gear it grinds….can you help me….Mike

  9. Hey Eric and Jim, quick question, can I use dielectric grease on brake slide pins since its silicone and not petroleum based?

  10. hey, i have a 2003 lexus is200 and the problem is that that the check engine light doesn't show on start up but does show up after a few minutes driving because of a o2 sensor, just strange that the light doesnt show on start up could it be a bad bulb?. what you think?

  11. got a 1995 Toyota Corolla…my clutch works well when car has not been driven…
    I drive it for a while and my clutch gets stuck in first or second…i need to turn off car to put it in gear….i adjusted the clutch underneath car and it still does it….can you tell me what the problem may be….plus when i put it on reverse or 5gear it grinds….can you help me….Mike

  12. Thanks for your videos I have a 1998 chevy malibu the cooling fans are not working I check the fan motor they working fine I change the thermostat still not working can u help  me

  13. Hey Eric, my car, a 1996 nissan skyline, it has a 2.5 litre turbo engine, Is making a high pitched whine, almost like a supercharger whine, at high rpms ( 6000+ rpms) and it only occurs then. what could it be, i have recently checked all the belts and they all seemed to be in good condition.

  14. quick question …i have a 04 nissan altima 2.5L that is having starting problems…..the car drives fine when started but cranks and dont want to start….ive changed the crank sensor, cam sensor, sparkplugs, ignition coils, fuel pump, catalyst converter….any ideas?

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