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I’ve teamed up with to produce a short series of ‘lessons’ on the basics of auto repair. In this series I cover things like changing your oil, replacing a headlight, replacing wiper blades, replacing a fuel filter, replacing an air filter, exhaust repair, replacing front disc brakes, how to test and replace a battery, how to replace a serpentine belt, how to change a tire, and lastly, how to plug a tire.

This informative series is designed to help the novice and get your feet wet in the ways of auto repair. So stop by and check out my new series.

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  1. Hi Eric the Car guy we have 2008 Chevy Avalanche LTZ 1500 4X4 with a 5.3 Vortec V8 and our check engine light always comes on!! Why do you think it is always come on?

  2. Hey if you teach everyone, you will put Auto Repair Shops Out of Business. LOL.  Just kidding.  There is nothing more Noble then Not Being Airagint  and helping others by sharing your Knowledge.  It separates two types of people in this world.  And I think your type is Honorable.  Good Job!! ( I spelled errogent wrong, ??? lol)

  3. Hi @EricTheCarGuy, Been watching for about 4 years (found the channel when some friends gave me a couple of busted xbox 360's!) and since I have started to work on cars quite a bit. I know you're mostly a honda guy, but my recently acquired 1991 firebird has a suspension thats right out of the 1970's, and its been a huge pain. Any chance you could make a video of changing the ball joints and front lower control arm bushings on a 3rd generation F body car? Thanks!

  4. @EricTheCarGuy  my friend just started posting on curious, but it is going to take a lot for people to pay money for free tutorials they can get on youtube. What is stopping someone from just looking up how to videos on youtube for the same stuff? If it was me, I wouldn't waste too much energy putting time into curious

  5. I really could use your help. My wife bought a 2010 mercury sable. Since having it we have had it in the middle of the road with no matter how high the rpm's got it didn't want to go anywhere. We have been told there has been no codes and couldn't replicate the problem. The other day the ac was on full blast without it being on. Then today, not sure how to explain it other than when a person hold's the key on even after its started, and wouldn't quit till I shut it off. All the problem's went right away after turning the car off then back on. I watch your video's all the time and trust your opinion. PLEASE HELP!!

  6. Hello Eric, I have two belts instead of one serpentine. They don't have automatic adjuster on them. Could you please show how to replace and adjust them? The car is 2003 Nissan Pathfinder.

  7. I'll head over to the check out your videos.

    I hope the one on changing a flat tire suggested that people try to remove their wheels at home when there's no emergency need, before I've been doing my own brake maintenance for 50 years. For the first time encountered lugnuts too tight to remove without special tools.
    A professional pneumatic tool couldnt budge them. Had to get a 2 foot HF breaker bar, a pipe extender and a neighbor to help me put more weight on it. Thought for sure that breaker bar would fail. If I'd had a flat in my new used car, I'd have been SOL. (Aluminum wheels with lots of corrosion between them and the hub. )

    I'm sure you told drivers to check that every vehicle they drive has a properly inflated spare and at least the OEM tools. I tell new drivers they need to have flares and a flashlight more than whatever gadgets they planned to get for their new 'babies'. Auto club emergency response seems to be slowest when you need it most.

  8. Hmm gotta ask why you posted this to youtube. I can understand why you'd do a basic diy course for there, as perhaps they organise stuff for people they want simple info for a fee. And you get some $ from it. But not much use to your regular subscribers.

  9. No thank you that page is to busy and wanted to connect to my other social accounts. "F" that. I'll stick to good old YouTube and hope to see you here.

  10. Please keep posting your regular videos along with the Curious series!

    I wanna see videos with love and contents in it, not some "Curious series".

  11. Thanks for your hard work Eric.  Although I know how to do (most of anyway) those basic videos offered on, it's important to refresh myself often to insure I stay consistent in regards to those basic services.  Not to mention applications can vary depending on the vehicle you're working on.  Thanks so much for taking the time to deliver good, informative vids!!!  And thanks Brian!  Take care guys!!

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