ETCG Answers Questions Live #74 (AMA) 9/28/2016

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38 thoughts on “ETCG Answers Questions Live #74 (AMA) 9/28/2016

  1. hi eric i have a ford fiesta with a wiper issue constant wipe works but when i select intermittent wipe the wipers go up but stick and dont come down if i lift the wipers off the window when it stuck up it still doesnt come down any idea's thanks martin ps i really enjoy watching your fairmont project PLEASE HELP

  2. Always listen to these while trying to sleep but the audio in this one is just horrible. To bad, what shall I listen to now?

  3. 2001 Honda Civic does have dedicated fuses for each window. 20A each. however, the common circuit between all windows is the master switch in the driver's door. I would check the switch and the loom running between the door and chassis as Eric suggested.

  4. wait a sec… lego figs… those aren't food. those are the little lego guys. the little people. Eric, did you think they are food? or am i wrong and there is figs called lego mini now?

  5. Audio and Video were way out of sync on this one. It's funny to hear you laugh but not see it in your face, because it will only be shown a second or so later 😉

  6. hello everyone, i have multiple misfire on my 04 MDX, i replaced spark plugs, egr vale, coils and still the same, i was told maybe i needs valve adjustment, please erick help me or whoever know some advices please. thnks

  7. Hi Eric , I liked your comment about using starter fluid near a hot motor , I think you should do a video on, " copying and not listing or reading the small print " example – I was spraying my VW chassis with doubled boiled linseed oil , my neighbour was watching , I told him it' very dangerous , only do it if your not using the car for a week or two, " he copied , his wife sent him out for milk , two days later he had a new car , old one whet up in Smoke.

  8. poor kid with the Dakota . etgc is a class act . I think everyone here remembers when you ambitious thoughts and find out what you thought doesn't quite match up with reality .

  9. I miss my 4.3 Vortec. Wanted to do a swap in my 2000 Chevy Camaro 3.8, but found out a v8 would of been a better suit for the hassle.

  10. You mention that Carfax only reports collision damage or repairs, this is not true. Some (and I stress the word "some") dealerships and shops actually DO report all maintenance and repairs to Carfax, along with the date a mileage at the time of repair. But like you said, its always best to actually inspect the vehicle instead of relying on maintenance records. Vehicles with zero records can be in better condition than a car that has had every oil change and repair at a dealership since purchased new.

  11. 2010 kia soul 60k brought in notice a exhaust leak at flex tube the cars symptoms are only in declaration around 1900rmps the car has a quick slight miss costumer says the car has slight power lose on highway fuel trim is great o2s readings look like a new car fuel pressure is great could a exhaust leak cause this to be clear it only happens when you let off the throttle and on its way down around 1800 rmps it misses real quick it does it everytime in park or not other then that car runs great any ideas and if it could be the exhaust system how do I verify and test no codes come up ether I did the basic test but I'm stumbled and out of ideals and don't want to call it as exhaust unless I'm at least 95% sure

  12. Eric if you unplug and plug your mic back into the computer just before you start it should stop the crackly mic issue. It's what the tech podcast community refers to as "cyloning" It's a known issue that happens with some usb mic logic boards after about an hour or so of use.

  13. Hi Eric, thanks for answering my question, and one a side note at 8:44 into the video stream the audio has crackling in it to the end. you can hear your voice ok but like you might has a dodgy mic wire or bad connection. Keep up the good work. Dave

  14. Eric I am a shop owner and I just wanted to tell you how much I love your video's they are required watching for my crew. I think your ethics and honesty have been returning integrity back to this profession. Keep it up my automotive brother. We love it.

  15. Regarding remote starters, I figure it's always a good idea to see if the factory offers one.  I know a lot of manufacturers offer a remote starter as an option, but I don't know if they can be retrofitted.  Could be worth a look – and should be more reliable (or at least, easier to diagnose and fix) than something aftermarket.

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