#ETCGDadsTruck Gets Wheels & Tires (Episode 2)

Every build has to start somewhere. I like to start with tires, and in this case, wheels and tires.

I like starting with wheels and tires, especially if you’re doing suspension modifications. You want to be sure that the wheels and tires you run will fit and work on your vehicle.

Episode 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNnEiIoGpwE

Introduction to #ETCGDadsTruck Build: https://youtu.be/kCepnacqRuI

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Author: Rafael


32 thoughts on “#ETCGDadsTruck Gets Wheels & Tires (Episode 2)

  1. Here's how you do the stick weights man. Take it and bend them so the middle doesn't touch the rim. Spin it if its zero than just smush weight down. If you need to move weight up or down you can do it easy because whole weight is not stuck on. Tires are good with that little weight

  2. You have to use the arm to install the tape weight inside. thats why your not getting 0 balance right away. it ends up being at around 11 oclock not straight up like your doing it. Try the arm and it will work perfect.

  3. Kind of late but if you move the weight side to side you can feel if its top dead center the if you look over the wheel you can confirm if you sight the weight with the spindle. Another thing to think about is using a heat gun on both the weight and wheel as well as using alcohol and a lint free paper towel on thw wheel they typically have oil on them from the factory and it can help keep from losing stick on weights later on. How you did it will work for sure just some ideas to help make it last a bit longer next time

  4. I love all the positive feedback and your videos (very informative) I have a question. What size wheels were originally on the truck? I was thinking 15".

  5. I have been told. That new tires can struggle to balance because when they pop on to the rim under pressure the bead is stretched and out of round just slightly.
    If the fellow who gave me this advise is correct you can fix it by letting the tire completely depresurise before installing core and inflating to final pressure.

  6. I don't think your machine is the issue unless it's one of the ridiculous machines with the rolling road and lasers to mark the position of the weight stick weights just suck

  7. Eric i use ur videos for all my sick Honda needs lol u are good at what u do and easy to understand and I greatly appreciate that cuz my car knows how to stress me out lol 97 accord se non vtec i have replaced all cooling system water pump radiator timing belt all hoses thermostat gonna do engine coolant sensor in a min i have did all u said bled the air out with valve by thermostat housing etc. Over n over but i untighten valve let run all u said but my gauge dont even get close to middle stay way by cold n still has air so is there any other valve or should i drive it with valve loose a few blocks. Cuz after my car warms up i cut it off it dont want to fire n i smell lil gas but it acts like it misfiring then it will kick to normal on rpms n it aint running at 1000 on rpms its under

  8. The only thing I don't understand is why taller wheels if you're lowering the truck? Just curious. New wheels and tires look great.

  9. I have an old hoffman 2100. You think you have fun with yours- at least it works. Mine doesn't tell me where the weight goes anymore. lol I have to give an educated guess and move weights around via process of elimination to balance my wheels. Takes a long time. I'll give you a tip or trick when you are using the stick on weights. If you are dynamic balancing do the stick on wheel weights first. those weights will affect the backside weights that clip on. The problem is the weight is not going where the balancer wants it. It is going to the inside. You might be able to get more accurate readings by telling the balancer that the wheel is narrower. For instance, the 8.5 width is not where you are putting the weights. Try the 6.5-inch? width that actually represents the true distance between the weights.

  10. I was cringing waiting for that loud pop for that last part to seat. lol I guess that is one thing little computer speakers cant replicate very well.

  11. Big mistake not letting the beads relax after initial inflation. Now when balanced and mounted tires will index throwing your balance off. Btw u look thick

  12. Tech tip: yellow stripe on the tread mount two tires with the strip on the inside of the wheel and two with the stripe on the outside done ✅

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