Evo 5’s Fastest Laps Yet!

Took the Evo back to the firm with a new front diff, different pads, and some new alignment specs. Help me make it faster! Go to http://ShipStation.com and use ADAMLZ to get it for FREE! + New Merch at http://LZMFG.com


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47 thoughts on “Evo 5’s Fastest Laps Yet!

  1. so what is the new front diff? adam started with a 2 way, didnt like off throttle as it always locks/unlocks then switched to the stock open 1 way and what now?

  2. That Cusco diff is so clanky .. had it in my evo x. Ended up switching it out to evo8 built diff . But overall a very good diff .

  3. Pirelli Trofeo R 30psi hot. They'll get you another 0.5 of a second compared to r888r. Also the at the chicane you can go almost flat out.

  4. The way the AYC works, it spins the inside wheel much harder, so a lot of more heat is generated. Like the car is trying to pull u through the corner with the inside front wheel, and I would guess the outside rear wheel would probably be hot too.

  5. Hey Adam, I was out at the Firm yesterday with my NC Miata endurance racer, and we talked about tires a bit.

    I've sometimes gotten more temp spread on the right side tires, because you're mostly using the inside edge due to excess negative camber when the car rolls towards the opposite edge. This should only get worse with strut suspension geometry. I still wouldn't expect the inside of the right tires to get hotter than the left's unless you're getting inside wheelspin, which I didn't hear in this video.

    At the Firm I just ignore right side tire temps. They aren't doing much. I've never seen probe temps as low as you were getting though. I guess you aren't doing many hot laps?

    Our (Hankook RS4) temps from yesterday were:

    145 154 171 158 156 140

    149 158 171 162 163 145

    We tried reducing front camber from -2.6 to -2.0 to decrease this temp spread, and the car lost a significant amount of front grip. I don't believe the 10-20F rule of thumb is correct.

  6. If your tires are that far out there's a good possibility you need to corner balance your car…. The more weight being applied to that particular tirewill cause it to slide or cause it to get more heat or friction in it …

  7. The inside tyre is probably being unloaded when you push hard into a RH bend, and the LSD is sending power to it still to maintain grip but as it's not as loaded it might be spinning up a bit. This would explain the inner edge being warmer because the wheel is turned out the the outer edge would be even less in contact than the inside edge

  8. When I was racing at road Atlanta last year for global time attack and you were there for formula D, I knew you were going to get into grip racing. I remember you saying you were interested in it. I knew it was coming!

  9. Watching your track days compared to your drift days for the last couple years. Honestly I think you're a faster racer than drifter. Your track days seem more terrifying. Your drift stuff is obviously more out of control and what not. But as someone who has pushed is 10 10ths, I can see your faster as an actual race car driver. You've taken it to semi pro drift. With your backing and likeness to sponsors, I bet you could get backing to go do some real racing. I've thought this for years,…, But I feel like your turning into the current Pastrana and you'll never be a champ at anything cause of your ADHD.

  10. The inside tire will be hotter on awd cars from it having less weight shifted to it and causing it to spin which also helps the front to turn in under power. keep it up. It’s looking great 👍

  11. The inside front is likely getting hot because under acceleration, the front diff is locking, making the wheels want to spin the same speed while the inside wheel should be spinning slower since it has a smaller radius path. Since the outside tire is loaded more, the inside tire slips instead, heating it up.

  12. Only reason I can think for one side of the tires getting hotter is there’s more stress on that side because of the turns since there’s more right turns but of course, could be wrong

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