EVO IS BROKEN – Last Day in Vegas = FULL SEND!

It’s been quite the trip out here in Vegas, but I am stoked to get home and dive into some projects that have been brewing. Appreciate you guys more than ever! http://LZMFG.com



45 thoughts on “EVO IS BROKEN – Last Day in Vegas = FULL SEND!

  1. Ayo Adam! I love you bro, welcome back. But umm can u get the heatwave clear lense clear frame with the added ppe option on your website cause I’m tryna cop asap πŸ˜‚ helps out a lot when grinding down metal at work.

  2. I guess that is kinda good news the diff took a shit, I had a feeling your braking / lockup issue was a failing LSD or something in one of the diffs. Maybe that's whjat it was.

  3. Hey Adam Lz love your content been watching since bmx days but have you ever looked into 3000gt vr4 there really cool cars slept on I'm actually hoping maybe you could help the car community and maybe make some parts more out there doing things for it, it would be amazing

  4. The beater S13 is cool, but damn with so many people and cameras around, would have been good to bring out an RTR car for abit of that run time πŸ˜‰

  5. The k20c race motor is sold by HPD for race applications only. They ran about 6k when I did the tour in 2018. Civic type R 2017 to 2019 before driver aids were added. Is the best the FWD vehicle there is will out drive a subie any day.

  6. Thats k20c1 out of the civic type R that gtr is now my favorite! #kswaptheworld i see my NW brothers 27wons si made the trip. They make some great Type R parts. Adam if you or drift hg need a factory honda nut. Spent 12 years with AHM. Resume and references available. Cheers. Love the content you make the lock down more tolerable.

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