Finally Got a MK4 Supra – New Car Week

I’ve been wanting a Supra for some time… and the right one finally popped up! Get a 60-day free trial at Thanks to ShipStation for sponsoring the show!



37 thoughts on “Finally Got a MK4 Supra – New Car Week

  1. It's insane you went from riding around in the BMW with a bike rack / bike on top, little to no subs going to college to almost having 4 mill subscribers.. full compound…on a FD team…. and one of the biggest names in the space…. big congrats man. The grind and success is unreal and seeing it unfold from the beginning has been surreal.

  2. Oh no. I simply wont be able to survive all the Supra fan-children squealing about it being the fastest car ever of all time because it beat an M3 around their favorite youtuber's backyard.

  3. adam looked at the supra as a drag car but it turns out this car handles better than the other cars. this shows how much of a waste it is to drag a supra…

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