First Drift Event with the Automatic A90 Supra!

Putting the HTG controlled clutch-equipped Supra to the test at its first event. Every $5 spent on gets you entered for a chance to win the MK4 Supra and $20,000 cash!



29 thoughts on “First Drift Event with the Automatic A90 Supra!

  1. hey Adam Its Justinyou should help me with my is300 build and make a series out of it where you upgrade subs cars and surprise them like pimp my ride don't hurt to ask right and ik yall are really good with 2jzs

  2. TJ doesn't work on cars either. Well he only works on adding body kits and bags….that's it. Don't know how he has 2M subs doing body kits and bagging. Thank God LZ is driving in every video.

  3. At 33 mins: I thought they were getting water off the top of the tent. But that was hilarious that it happened by accident. I lost it XDDDDD

  4. Such a good episode. Lol episode. But it so cool to see how much you and Taylor had progress. A lot of achievements for you two to get where you are now from the Z

  5. How do you feel about that guy Mat who bought your purple GT3 for $160K and is rebuilding it? Clean title still, should've bought it back, dude.

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