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The complaint on this car was that when using the HVAC at times there was a lot of noise coming from the blower motor. The noise was intermittent and didn’t happen all the time. Experience has taught me that many times this is caused by debris getting caught in the blower motor itself. Normally what I do in these situations is remove the blower motor and check for the suspected debris. If I find any I clean it out, vacuum out the HVAC, and recheck for the noise after I reinstall the blower motor. So if you have a blower motor that is making too much noise then perhaps this is the fix for you.

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  1. Is there a way to take the plastic part off of the motor to clean deeper? I removed the clamp in the center but can’t seem to get the plastic fan part off.

  2. Thanks for the walk through and video! At one time I considered becoming a car mechanic, until I started working on my own vehicles. Ridiculous stuff like you having to remove panels and pull back the carpet just to get another inch then pull out the ECU cover in order to remove the blower, wastes so much time. It's almost never as easy as it should be to do simple repairs/maintenance. But kudos to those who have the patience for this kind of stuff.

  3. On the ones I have had to replace
    2001 Nissan Maxima and 1977 Toyota Celica they appear to be is much easier to replace than this .

    Great video , I alway have enjoyed your vids

  4. A single wheel blower motor vs a two wheel system on my 93 Accord. I wish this was this simple to remove mine.

  5. Man thanks for the video! It helped my get a leaf out that was driving me crazy. If anyone wants to save a bunch of time just remove the cabin air filter and stick a long narrow angled vacuum attachment down in the blower motor from where you access the air filter. If this works, like it did for me, then your able to clean the leafs out without taking anything apart.
    Thanks again for great vid

  6. This video helped a lot with the exception of the fasteners My 99 Honda Accord has a rusty star screw in the back I can not remove and suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated

  7. I have a problem kittens were shoved down my center heater vents and then died please help getting them out and making my vent system worthless to that to ever again

  8. Thanks for your help, I went to a dealership and they took out my cabin air filter and when they did this debris fell into the blower motor. I called them back and told them my car was making a weird sound and they tried to say they weren't liable. Instead of taking it back to those guys I watched this video and did it myself. Never again will I take my car to a dealership, they were only suppose to make me a key but took it upon themselves to do an inspection which caused the problem.

  9. I have an 87 Honda Accord LXI the blower fan went… way more difficult. first off the shop manual drawing is not correct. Found out I had to take the entire blower assembly out of the car then wiggle the dang thing for 20 minutes before it came out. I had to take trim pieces off, glove compartment, pull the carpet up and take off the structural members. I was able to fix the broken blower motor and build the connector correctly get the leads backwards and it doesn’t blow it sucks. I saw a difference in the design of the motor the old one has a power cable with an inline capacitor, the new one does not.

    I cannot remember I think it had 4 or 5 connectors the one for the recirculation motor was bitch and a half to get free… what is it with Honda and impossible connectors.

  10. What a pain in the ass design. I have a 2007 jeep wrangler. It made noise in 20 degree weather once warmed up noise stopped. I took blower out and washed the dusty dirty squirrel cage in the kitchen sink. Good to go. Thanks

  11. So an object fell down my windows defroster. Small little plastic piece like an inch long. I can sometimes here it rattle on rough roads or roll around down in the center of the dash. Think if I took the blower motor out I could find it? It’s a 2018 Sierra 2500HD.

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