Ford 302 Complete Engine Tear Down #FairmontProject

Some of you have waited a long time for this. I assure you, it’s worth the wait. Make sure you watch the video till the very end or you might miss something.

Yes, it was sad to find out that my block was likely not going to work for me. Don’t feel too bad though, I’m already working on the solution. All I can say is, the solution… well, maybe I won’t say anything.

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39 thoughts on “Ford 302 Complete Engine Tear Down #FairmontProject

  1. Watching this and with the weird ware on almost everything, I don't think they had torque referencing/pattern or a torque wrench. I believe they must of just bolted everything down till it was tight enough?

  2. I need some help ..can u leak oil from a hole on the driver side of engine block of a 302 its under the headers toward rear of the 2nd to last header it looks like its missing a bolt…changed all gaskets except block to heads …and still leaking oil from that area

  3. I've got a 86 f150 I just replaced oil pump, oil pan gasket, and cleaned out carbon. had to reach my hand under the engine while it was lifted on a chain 😂 I had a bad oil leak that was spraying onto headers and fuel filter all the way back to the drive shaft. it kept reading low oil pressure and smoking badly though oil was over full. so I'm hoping it was just a bad oil pump but head gasket is peeling back /: I know its going to need an engine but I wanna make this one last lomg enough to pick up another one since I doubt I can fit a 302 or windsor in the back of my fiesta lmao

  4. I used to be on the fence about Eric the vehicle guy… But after this video, I guess he’s alright. Nah, U Da Man Eric😜

    Wish you lived in Seattle so you could help me out w/ my ‘29 Model A powered by a ‘71 302 w/ a 351 Cam… I JUST learned that my crank shaft may be broke on a crate engine that only has 14k on it. The truck was completely restored 15 years ago and now I have a shit show on my hands… I’m scared as hell to tear down my block but it’s gotta happen:( It’s going to be my first tare down.. Let me know if you’ve got anyone up in Seattle that could possibly help me out.Thanks again for the legit video Eric👊🏼Appreciate your effort!

  5. I love this and dads truck build 😍 Think I've seen them three times 😁 Please do something familiar. Like an old 60's Chevy or Ford pickup would have been Gold 😊 God bless from Sweden. 🎆

  6. I rebuilt a 302 in my 76 F100. Kept it fairly stock except for the Edelbrock RV cam and intake with more flowing free exhaust. Just wanted a reliable daily truck. That little motor was fantastic for years

  7. Eric, I'm seeing conflicting information, perhaps it's just preference, but others say to apply gasket goo to the gaskets. You mentioned let the gasket do its job, not to apply any RTV. You really seemed like you know your business, so I'm hoping maybe you can elaborate? Thank you in advance.

  8. Sometimes, when using a long breaker, it is wiser to do it the pulling way rather than the pushing way. You can easily look for a good leverage to make it look like closing a giant scissors. Any slippage can be maneuvered in such a way that injury will never happen.

  9. Not gunna bother with electric tools? I guess I wouldn’t either if I owned garbage cordless tools lol 😜 I don’t mind breaking out the relics and airlines sometimes too . But usually only break them out to show kids what dinosaurs look like. They laugh I laugh and I thank the tool gods we no longer have to use those underpowered useless things any longer and I throw them back in the cupboard. I don’t even know why I keep them haven’t removed a bolt with a air tool in o jeez probably 6-7 years now

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