Ford 8.8 Assembly & Set Up (Part 1) #FairmontProject

Here’s (Part 1) of the Ford 8.8 differential assembly and set up. This took a little longer than expected, hence the need for a 2 part video.

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Differential Basics video:

This is a complete overview of how to assembly and set up a Ford 8.8 differential. It shows how to assemble the differential, set backlash, and set up the gear tooth pattern.

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Camera: Brian Kast

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Ford 8.8 PDF:

Gear tooth pattern guide:

Dana Differential assembly guide:

Ford differential identification guide:

Article on the 8.8:


My differential:

My gear set:

My differential cover:

My 5 lug conversion kit:

Pinion head bearings:

Pinion head bearing races:

A great place for differential parts:

Pinion flange sleeve Federated 99181:

Ultra black RTV:

Gear Paint:


Differential Shim Installer:

Pinion Flange Holder:

Bushing Driver Kit:

Dial Indicator:

Digital caliper:

Inch Pound Torque Wrench:

Long breaker bar:

Sunex Press:

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27 thoughts on “Ford 8.8 Assembly & Set Up (Part 1) #FairmontProject

  1. I thought of and discovered a really cool trick when installing races on a sport bike I was rebuilding. Take all the races and put them in the freezer for a few hours beforehand, then take them out one at a time as you need them. You'll find that the races shrink enough that they literally just drop in, maybe sometimes needing a little tap. It was a whole lot easier than having to press them all. A thicker bearing might take longer to shrink, might not work at all, but it's worth a shot.

  2. Would you have been ok if you made sure to get the same pinion bearing that you took off to have a setup bearing? Great info man. I really enjoy your videos you really explain what n why you're doing what you are doing. Thanks n keep it up Todd

  3. You have convinced me to get a 9" with a third member. If looks like you are not gonna do any quick gear changes with an 8.8" if you drag race. And the cost to go to 9" does not seem to be much different. I realize I am looking at if from a drag racing viewpoint.

  4. Eric, I love your videos man, but being a diff specialist this video had me yelling at the screen. That was a solid effort though, your persistence is something to be admired.

  5. I bought a 2000 expedition 5.4 engine but i have a grinding sound in the differential when i turn left or right it sounds like thats where its coming from i have a feeling the old owner changed something in there I see silicone on the rear question is this , is that what I'm hearing or not

  6. Great video. Very informative. I just picked up an 8.8 core that i am stripping completely and building a 4.10 trac loc for my 2010 crown vic. These video sets are how I am going to build mine, really appreciate the detail and information you provide.

  7. Have to swap my rear diff and pinion. 1997 Ford Ranger. Old one ran dry, tore up pinion carrier bearings, chipped some teeth. This series is my primary source of learning. I think I get it now. Thank you!

  8. I know you have to be very precise in setting up your differential but how did Ford mass produce so many vehicles if you have to spend so much time tweaking each individual differential I wonder how they did it so quickly to mass produce so many vehicles

  9. I have never had to do this before but i have listened to friends talk about doing this and with this video i understands allot more then ever before thank you

  10. hi to you, great video with lots of explanations.
    Today I am replacing my differential but I cannot read the setting value on the pinion.
    How to get your opinion, a photo where?
    thank youps : (my car is a 1995 Cherokee Jeep)

  11. Again, my FIRST CAR was a 1978 Fairmont Sedan in Metalic Brown powered with an Inline-6 200 Auto.

    As with watching your video series, I have been trying to find another one to "Modify" and use as a Daily Driver…

    Sadly, they are either too expensive ($2,500 to $1,750), or WAY out of my Region… I have even expanded my search for either a Futara Coupe, or a Wagon. NO LUCK!😿

    My only complaint I had with my (5) previous Fairmont's/Zepher's was the Aluminum Bumpers.

    Looking forward to seeing you have your Fairmont Sedan back on the road!😎

    Take care,
    🤓 -Thomas
    Western Washington State

  12. How do you know if you have your pinion depth correct? I've noticed on most pinions they have a measurement on the backside of the pinion that tells you the pinion depth. I didn't hear anything about pinion depth.

  13. Well my 355 gears 8.8 differential broke that pin thats like 3 quarters of an inch think and i was wondering do i have to pull the entire differential like you did but leave the axle and all of that on the truck

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