Ford Fox Body Steering Upgrade

If you’re looking to upgrade the steering in your Ford Fox Body, it doesn’t have to be expensive. In this video I cover the installation of a power steering rack and solid bushings on a fox body.

The solid bushings will make the steering much more accurate. Just know that they will also transmit a lot more road feel through the steering wheel. However, you can install the solid bushings on your existing power steering rack to get the same results. So if you have worn or damaged rack bushings, consider upgrading to this solid variety for improved handling.

My power steering rack:

High pressure hose:

Return hose:

My cooler and additional lines came with my turbo kit:

Solid Bushings:

(You’ll need 7/16″x6″ bolts for the above bushings)

Steering stops:

Tie rod ends (Steeda):

My Wheel Spacers:

Long Studs:

My Tires:

My Wheels:×8-steel-wheels-for-car_1580486612.html

My 5 Lug Conversion Kit:

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Camera: Brian Kast
Eric Cook

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Shane Craig’s plug kit from CAT:

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30 thoughts on “Ford Fox Body Steering Upgrade

  1. Not sure if anyone had this problem, but on 84 and below foxes we have the bigger rack bolt, I too used the 7/16 bolt but had problems with the rack moving ever so slightly, maximum motorsports said we have to use a 12m bolt which was on cars 85 and up.

  2. Thank goodness you got those wheel spacers modified to be hub centric. The steering vibration would have driven you nuts! I was just wondering why you didn’t buy them hub centric to begin with? Also, you could have ordered the spacers to be hub centric and have exactly the correct bolt pattern for a tight and perfect fit.

  3. Random thought: Throughout this build I've been constantly surprised the number of times you've used "hardware store" hardware rather than getting automotive grade hardware from the auto parts store. Personally, I'd use grade 8 or stainless and use nylock when nylock is called for (although they are a pain to get on) when i can't get the proper auto fasteners. Why? Because I don't know enough about the engineering of nuts and bolts and don't like losing sleep over fasteners. I also don't like rusty fasteners. Grade 8 and stainless tend to corrode less quickly. Carry on.

  4. Hate messing with spacers, when you change wheel offset it tends to wear suspension, steering components and wheel bearings..

  5. Hey EricTheCarGuy I was wondering if you can do a video up on how to time a Ford 302 with a GT40 upper intake or hat at I meant in general I got it on top dead center and spark plug number one it starts up and just dies and no matter where I move the distributor left to right it doesn't seem to change I don't know if it's off a couple teeth or maybe I just have it in the wrong position any help would do thanks

  6. A company sells you bolts with a kit and the bolts they provided don't fit… total fail. That would shake my confidence in the product if they can't even get that right

  7. I hope the engine exhaust pipes don't touch the power steering rack that you put in.You are very thorough which is the way to be.You have very good attention to detail.I will subscribe.

  8. hi Eric im from egypt egypt here lol i have been watching most of your videos i learnt alot from you at the moment i feel very sad bc i know your sad bc of your new project and bc i changed my distributor toyota 1.3 1998 and the new distributor doesnt make the car smooth as it was b4 its used one but its working okay i tried to adjust the carberator it made it better but not as good as it was b4 ……..Eric im sad but if you say hi to me i will be happy

  9. I stopped watching ETCG awhile back. Not surprised the fairmont is still being worked on. Ill come back in a few years and maybe he will get it to the 1/4 mile.

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