Garage Door Insulation Results! #homeimprovement

*Sponsored Video* I recently installed insulation on my garage doors and was impressed with the results. It only took a couple of hours to install, and the garage is already much warmer, quieter, and brighter thanks to the new insulation.

Check out this link for products and more info.

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11 thoughts on “Garage Door Insulation Results! #homeimprovement

  1. I did something similar to my own garage door of the same type. I sourced rigid foam panels (about 1-1/2" thick) that had the foil backing. Cut them to size & they have stayed in place nicely partly to the lip on each panel & friction fit. Never had a panel fall out in the fifteen+ years since I installed them. I went from being unable to work in the garage in the summertime (100°f+ in the garage) to being able to work comfortably enough aided by a fan.

    Edit: Forgot to mention that I needed to tighten up the torsions springs a bit due to the added weight of the foam panels……

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