Getting Technical with the 4 Rotor Supra – Carbon, Water System, and more!

Now that there’s no rush… we’re able to dial this thing in and get it perfected!
Every $5 spent on gets you entered for a chance to win our RB26 R33 GTST and $10,000 cash. We have clothing, coilovers, bolts, LED kits, heatwaves and MORE!



27 thoughts on “Getting Technical with the 4 Rotor Supra – Carbon, Water System, and more!

  1. Holy Fucking shit man I am really sad about this I seen all the videos for tributes to Ken Block and I just thought this was a 2023 end video about everything he did in 2022 I don't believe this is real like this can't be real he has a wonderful family and I loved watching his series with his Daughter I only wished I had a Dad who raced cars and Rally / drift cars at that. I didn't even know about this until now wtf man this can't be real ! 😭

  2. The risk of cutting CF is that it doesn't decompose inside your body. So if you inhale them, it's like little knives stuck in your lungs.
    Same for fiberglass.
    So be safe there hehe.

  3. Dude I really like the c4
    Kinda bigger kit than I might go but I’ve always liked them and it’s come out rad
    I’d love to see if it goes sideways
    Hope that happens

  4. Ken Blocks talents and persona transcend this reality and he was a hero ahead of his time! My deepest condolences to his family and friends he will be forever remembered and missed!

    Side note, I’d love to see the creative imagination of an “LZ Widebody”

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