GMT400 Front End Rebuild (Part 3) #ETCGDadsTruck

This is (Episode 12) of the #ETCGDadsTruck Series.

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This video series will cover the complete rebuild of the front suspension, steering, and brakes on a GMT400 2WD truck. These trucks ran from 1988-1998.

This installment covers the installation of the front suspension, sort of. There are some parts issues. Also, I hope you’re able to learn from my mistakes. 😉

Camera: Brian Kast, Eric Cook

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SSBC Slotted Front Rotors and Pads:

SSBC (Expensive) Front Caliper Upgrade:

Russell Steel Braided Brake Lines:

Bushing Kit:

Lowering Kit 2” 4” **with 1” front rotors:

Lowering Kit 2” 4” **with 1.25” front rotors:

Front Shocks (you will need 2):

Stock Coil Springs:

Front Bearing and Seal Kit:


Spring Compressor:

Bearing Packer:

Seal Driver:

Trusty Cook Hammers:

IR 3/8” Impact:

Milwaukee 1/2” Impact:


Ear Plugs:

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49 thoughts on “GMT400 Front End Rebuild (Part 3) #ETCGDadsTruck

  1. I'm thinking bout doing this to my 90. It looks good like it is but the lower effect would be driving like a car or mini truck. Not sure as it drives nice and is low anyways. Also I think the spindle kit shoulda came with the control arms to match fit. Nice video btw

  2. I'm watching this and laughing at the irony, the struggles of working on a vehicle are real. It's not all cake work, things don't always go together smoothly. It's so hard not to get mad, sometimes you just wanna throw that part as far as you can and never look back.

  3. This cracked me up. Especially when you went to hang the stick light in the fender and it just instantly fell. I burst out laughing. Thank you, Eric, for making my day more enjoyable.

  4. It makes me feel better when I spend a lot of time banging on suspension parts with a mallet trying to get them to move into place now that I see you do it, too. I also appreciate your mistakes. I learn from them, then make a plethora of my own on top of them. I'm at least saved from a few and that helps. Thanks, Eric.

  5. Because I’ve had recent struggles with my ‘71 Caprice lower control arm / coil spring install – My favorite part of your video is when the James Bond suspense music met wood block Jenga. Sadly, Hubby and my neighbor – in their valiant attempt to shield me from the dangers of the giant coil spring – succeeded in installing the coil spring with the compressor upside down. You can imagine how fun that was to deinstall when I saw what they did the next day. So my buddy and I removed the wonky set up and in the process the lower ball joint busted. Good times. Oh and PS – I noticed they also forgot to install the giant rubber ring that sits on top of the coil spring 😅.#MaritalProblems

  6. My asshole puckered when that spring turned in the vice and I was just watching, so I know a little bit of poo must have come out. 😳😖😬

  7. Yo! ETCG…. Man I love these 88 to 98 Chevy trucks I own two of them a 92 ext cab Fleetside 4.3 v6 5 sp. manual trans. & 95 Stepside single cab same 4.3 L 5 speed manual transmission these are some of the best trucks GM made

  8. Next time take some all thread with two washers and nuts and use it to spread the sheet metal back open so they go in easy they crimp down when there tightened down

  9. You stated you installed the cam bolts pointing straight up…That was your problem with the fitment and the ball joint angles. It needed to move outward some. All the binding would have been solved.

  10. My advices to Eric The Car Guy Youtube Channel. You should have gotten Energy Suspension Bushing because it fits way better. I hope that helps next time you are doing the next project. I love your channel. I fix my own car for over 15 years.

  11. I feel all of your pain lol we did my buddies 2004 Silverado bushings and my 1993 GMC bushings also the bushings on the 93s leafsprings.

  12. That wretched feeling you get when you realize you got the wrong parts and either have to wait for new ones, or don't have the time so you have to reuse the old ones : That's the worst!

  13. I always hated those hook style spring compressors. My old boss bought a disk style compressor. OTC 7045B. Worth its weight in gold and works so good on those gm springs. Made me loads more comfortable doing springs.

  14. An idea that may work to make the spring insulator install a little easier for others trying this is take a single strip of cheap thin masking tape to attach it to the top of the spring before installing (just enough to hold it in place). The tape should break and wear away rather quickly afterwards once you get the suspension moving.

  15. i did all polyurethane bushings on my 77 trans am and i had a horrible time getting those lower control arms in their spot like you did. used plenty of silicone grease, a jack, a hammer and thoughts about throwing the arms in the river. they arent in the river and the car handles like its on train tracks. well worth it

  16. Hey, Eric – Where did you get those blue tie rod boots and what is the brand name, please? They look like they would hold up better and provide a better seal.

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