Having Trouble Bleeding Brakes?

If you’re having trouble bleeding the brake system on your vehicle, there are a few tips in this video that might help. So before you give up, you might want to try a few of these tips.

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GM Proportioning Valve Tool #2: https://westernchassisinc.com/Proportioning-Valve-Bleed-Tool/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqqKT2Yb33QIVhENpCh2dcgL6EAkYASABEgKctPD_BwE

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Author: Rafael


25 thoughts on “Having Trouble Bleeding Brakes?

  1. My front bleeder valve would not close completely just keeps spitting air. All the bled fine. Tomorrow ill be changing the whole caliper hopefully it works out :(.

  2. https://youtu.be/pyAUg6k2HFc
    Hi, may I ask a question.
    My 1988 prelude didn’t start for 7 years. Starting again this month but no foot brake at all. Hand brake still works.
    Brake fluid still full after 7 years. 2 weeks ago has changed new brake fluid but still no foot brake. I don’t see any leaks when I touch around the cylinder. It’s dry.
    Try bleeding today end up nothing come out at the front and rear. Is my master cylinder died ? Or something else. what can I do to bring the brake back?
    Much appreciate. 🙏

  3. My granddaughter got a 2003 Acura with problems. While looking at the brakes, I seen the rear calipers were missing. Do you know of any reason why someone would remove them and not replace them?

  4. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! 1991Honda Accord…thought i was losing my mind….no pressure left rear and front right…im thinking, "what the hell???"
    I DO have some braking (I guess other two wheels)…gonna confirm this….never paid the PV much thought…now i feel sure its the culprit (can get one on EBAY for 90 bucks)

  5. 1991 civic hatchback … i have very little pressure to the brakes and when i turn it on tge pedal my brake pedal goes to the floor .. i have replaced the master cylinder and brake booster and bled it in this order lf rr rf lf … bench bled the master cylinder also but still having problems

  6. If you have problem getting fluid to come out of the bleeder valve yet there is fluid going to the wheel cylinder then loosen the bleeder valve and turn on the car…..there's probably a block in the wheel cylinder. turning on the car increases the pressure in the line….hold down the brake pedal…if you still can't get it flowing pump it….I had this problem today and a mechanic friend told me what to do……it took about 30 seconds and the clog in the wheel cylinder broke free….it was a rear drum on a 1995 camry….sprayed out fluid…..then proceeded to bleed normally. The wheel cylinder was good…..no leaks…..just a small clog in it.

  7. New master cylinder. Correct bleeding procedure everywhere. Still soft pedal while running. 02 civic si k20a3. If anyone has suggestions please let me kno. Thank you.

  8. I have a 94 Del-sol Si. The drivers back & passenger front won't bleed. Variable symptoms while trying. I replaced the master cylinder twice, the proportion valve once & I just bought a third master to try. I've done my own brakes for over 30 years & never had this. Any help???

  9. Hi Eric, I need your expertise….

    I have a 2001 Taurus that I am on my wits end with. The brake pedal sinks to the floor.

    I have replaced the master cylinder twice…Advanced Auto, after market……Still goes to the floor. All the brakes calipers, rotors and brake lines have been replaced!

    No Codes on the ABS. I have a Launch X431 pro Mini Scanner. I have pulled the ABS and tried to clean in Ultra Sonic and blown out. Activated the valve via scanner seems to be alright No Codes for the electronics Module.

    I must of did a full bleed 10 times now….Still goes to the Floor?????????? WTF could be wrong???????

  10. I have this problem bleeding brakes with a vacuum pump. I attach hose to bleeder, build up vacuum pressure, crack bleeder, very little fluid, then no fluid, keep pumping, nothing. I mean like a teaspoon of fluid is all i'm getting. Brakes aren't spongey, so they aren't filled with air, why isn't fluid flowing? IDK. I have the service manual for the vehicle and it does show the brake bleeding procedure is exactly how I'm doing it, doesn't say it needs a scan tool. Maybe I just need to get another person to stomp on the brake pedal.

  11. Eric, thank you so much for this. After the mechanics couldnt find the problem with my car, I decided to switch out those valve thingies. After more than a year I dont have a binding right front brake anymore. Of course, that was after changing out the caliper, brake hose and the master cilinder….

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