Honda Civic D Series Timing Belt Replacement (Part 1)

This is Part 1 of the most complete D Series Timing Belt Replacement video on YouTube. It includes the replacement of the timing belt, water pump, cam seal, and drive belts. It also covers how to tension the belt as well as many of the issues you might run into when doing this job. Tools are called out during the entire procedure. Links below to special tools and additional information.

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Honda Crank Tool:

IR Honda “Power” Socket 17mm:

M18 1/2” Fuel Impact:

Long Snap-on 12-14mm Wrench:

Ingersoll Rand 3/8″ Impact:

Milwaukee 1/4″:

Milwaukee 1/4″ Stubby Impact:


1990-2007 D Series Timing Belt Replacement VManual:

1990-2002 F Series Timing Belt Replacement VManual:

1999-2007 J Series Timing Belt Replacement VManual:

1989-2001 B Series Timing Belt Replacement VManual:

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Author: Rafael


43 thoughts on “Honda Civic D Series Timing Belt Replacement (Part 1)

  1. I wonder why you have to cut two other belts when they are still in working condition, but then you said "to make things easy". But are they not easy to remove in the first place?

  2. Wow, this is by far the best auto mechanic channel on you tube. Super informative and a total pleasure to watch. Signal to noise is off the charts. Gives me enough confidence to do the TB change myself. Stealership price of TB change is close to $1K.

  3. Had to order the crank tool. 🙁 gave up trying to jam it and my mates Milwaukee couldn't undo it either. Another one of them tools that i will probably only use the once and will sit in the shed gathering dust.

  4. Damn when you pulled the valve cover you reached me limit of ability 😒 anyone in deland/daytona florida area willing to help me out or make recommendations?

  5. By far the best video i've seen explaining multiple ways to remove that bolt. I think most can agree thats it ridiculous what Honda didn't just make the cover so that you don't have to remove the whole pulley to change the water pump. All they had to do was split the the bottom cover into two parts. I mean really Honda

  6. Dude! Love how you get straight into the whole process by breaking the crank bolt loose BEFORE Removing the BELTS! everybody else has you break everything down and or completely off the motor before removing the harmonic pulley. Unless you have a variety of tools that you plan to use in removing the crankshaft bolt…. leaving the belts on and breaking the bolt loose first thing, makes life a little bit more enjoyable as you begin the process. Thank you for the help and the knowledge to take the job on with some confidence

  7. Those extra long box end wrenches that dont have an angle and box ratches that adjust to any angle are a nice thing to have and almost a necessity compared to a standard set of box open end and standard 3/8 drive ratchets…. are those stubby 3/8 drive sockes on that Milwakee power ratchet?

  8. Amazing video. Best how to I’ve ever seen. After watching this I would say Honda literally did not give a single F@#$ to how hard this would be to change when they designed it. No wonder dealers charge so much for this job.

  9. My milwaukee 1/2 made a firm disbeliever into an even firmer believer due to the fact when him and i did a timing belt on an older mitsubishi lancer he was freaking out about the crank bolt and I had a good feeling the 1/2 would be fine. He dwelled on it for days until the job came. Well I have him the honor of using it to test on the bolt and sure as shit just like it did for u mine didn't even hesitate! It was like I took my Bertha of a 1/2 air impact to it and gave it the beans lol. The look on his face was worth every minute of the last couple days of him bitching and crying about what were we gonna do if it didn't and blah blah. That milwakee straight up immediately did it and his eyes got so huge lol. Now I gotta hear him everyday talk about how bad it is and how much he needs to get one lol

  10. Where on earth do you get those super long 12 and 14 mm wrenches from??? I've looked everywhere in stores and online and the longest I found is 11 inches.

  11. Thanks for this and the other part 2 video. I was able to do this job on my daughters Honda Domani (Civic). I had to get a mechanic to loosen the crank bolt for $50, but was able to do the rest myself. Just had trouble with air pockets in the cooling system but was able to solve easily. It also took a while for the fuel to come through because I had the car on front jack stands for 2 weeks.

  12. Eric ive been waiting for your call i need a head gasket repalcement u can come over or i need to bring my car to your shop .call me 415 five, zero, four , zero , zero,five ,five txt me thanks the name is jake

  13. I appreciate how you work on Honda engines especially the D series in particular its common and reliable.

  14. so at 23:30 when you talk about the leaking from a bad oil pan gasket, it would be leaking coolant right not oil? that exactly where my honda is leaking coolant from. i just bought a kit. should i just start with the oil pan gasket first? or is leaking from that area also caused by the water pump??… plz comment

  15. Oh man, I remember that red Legend Coupe in the background at 29:26. I'm watching this as a rough guide to do a "semi" timing belt job on my Prelude, as I'm pretty sure my rear balance shaft seal is leaking.

  16. Hi eric quick question do you have a video where you remove and install crank shaft seal and oil pump on a civic 92-95 (d16z6) or anything close to this engine? Thanks and good videos man

  17. I bought the massive Makita version of the electric impact wrench you used. They are powerful tools. Nothing on my rusty Tacoma has stood a chance yet. 😁

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