Honda Element Console Light Replacement

Here is an easy repair you can perform and save yourself a lot of money in the process. You might be surprised at how easy this really is. I think the hardest part will be sourcing the bulbs, but I’ve made that easy for you further down in the description.


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Dial Bulbs: 79629-SV3-A01

Button Bulbs: 79629-SCV-A01

Shifter Bulb: 35505-TA5-A51


Trim Tool:

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25 thoughts on “Honda Element Console Light Replacement

  1. Man, thanks a lot. These there on my bucket list for a while, now after I saw you replacing them, I will pull the trigger on mine

  2. Seems easy but sometimes the plastic won't align right after u do something like this. I need to figure out what i did to my dash lights, years ago i replaced them with some bulbs from ebay and jacked it all up.
    That D bulb on the shifter was a PITA on my Accord, also for the ones on the dash I just put the old "1" Bulb in the D4 slot and vice versa, since who uses D1 anyway?

  3. Eric, you did not need to turn the key on to take the shifter out of park. There's a shifter override right there at the bottom of the shifter slot, that little panel hides a tab that you push to pop the shifter out of park, no need to even have the keys to do it. For those who are not aware, many cars now have an override of one type or another to allow the trans to be put in neutral. Mainly for towing with a dead battery, but it is also useful for when wheel alignments are done, since the car has to move a little on the alignment rack during the compensation procedure. Allows the trans to be taken out of park without having everything staying on and draining the battery. One thing i do like here is the easy access and replacement of the bulbs, much cheaper than having to replace the entire HVAC control panel. Many cars have leds in the panels that are not replaceable, which means that it can get expensive to replace the entire panel assembly.

  4. I have a 2006 crv the bulbs are halogen/yellow. Elements and CRV are very similar but your bulbs don't look yellowish why? Or do you know how I can install LEDs for a brighter look?

  5. Honda charges a small fortune for these bulb/sockets. You can also get just the tiny bulbs on ebay, maybe Amazon. Take the old bulbs out of the socket by bending the fine wires that wrap around the socket base and then slip the new bulbs in. I've done this on my CR-V and Accord. Works great – just check for the right bulb size, brightness and color before ordering.

  6. I had an 03 Acura RSX where the HVAC lights all went out…same bulbs used here. I decided I didn't want to spend $10 a bulb and instead soldered an LED w/ resistor to the contact pads for the bulb. Worked great and was an economical fix if you aren't squeamish about soldering

  7. I did this for the gauge cluster bulbs on my 2006 Element but went with a pack of LED ones. About $10 from Amazon – I think a dozen in the pack. Only issue was having to flip the orientation 180 degrees if they didn’t light up – LEDs require proper +- orientation or they won’t work. They don’t dim well but my eyes need the bright dash anyways.

  8. My mother's 2005 honda crv always aggravates me with the blower motor off and ac not in use air always comes through the vents its frustrating if people want air they wouldn't have the system off have you seen this problem on crvs as well as other Hondas Eric @EricTheCarGuy

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