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This might seem like a simple video, and in many ways it is, but if the fuel door on your Honda Element comes off like mine did, this video can be very useful. Sometimes it’s these simple things that give you a bunch of trouble. In the case of the fuel door, it’s mostly about the alignment. You may have to fiddle with it for a while to get it right like I did. The tips in the video should help you sort that out however. Hope you enjoy the video.

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40 thoughts on “Honda Element Fuel Door Repair -EricTheCarGuy

  1. eric, love your videos, bit funny how come everything that breaks down on your 2004 Honda element, breaks on my 2004 Honda element?🤔 I search for how to vids while I do the fix and bam. you've done it.
    sticking break calipers replaced twice.
    need to do the 16 piece complete suspension kit, tie rods,
    u- joints, sway bars, all bushings….everything rubber
    I'm pretty sure my "Real-time AWD" doesn't engage…
    theres a bit more. but I'm still driving mine 220k
    good vids man keep it up

  2. Quick question, Eric. This just happened to my Element and the entire thing fell off. Ordered a new assembly and a new door – but what size are the screws that attach the assembly to the door?

  3. Eric love your videos just have a question is your element good on gas I'm a proud owner of an 06 all wheel drive manual and it drink gas like no tomorrow could you please help me out with this it also runs very sluggish I installed a new cat and full exhaust it ran better before because the last owner had gutted the catalytic converter I'm sorta thinking it might be the intake manifold after the throttle body I heard it has sum other plates that open and close similar to the b and h series engines but not sure haven't checked it out yet I will totally appreciate it if you know what is causing this or if you can make a video thanks a million

  4. Perfect! Thanks for the info. Works like a champ. Saved a bunch of cash. Don't pay attention to the chumps and goobers who just wander around the web popping their mental zits at anything and everything.

  5. I'm not too impressed with this particular video. It doesn't take expertise, talent, or experience to remove two screws and bolts a new replacement part into an opening. Alignment is trival.

    I had the same exact problem and it took me 1 hour elapsed time to repair the broken hinge and replace the original fuel door of my Element. No special tools were needed. Anyone who is interested can find the details at elementowners

    The failure was caused by metal fatigue and rust. It was probably due to the wimpy rubber stoppers that Honda and most auto manufacturers use on the fuel door. They are rapidly lost. Every vehicle I've examined thats more than a few years old is missing st least one one these bumpers, had the impact area paint scratched by the impact of the metal pins and had rust developing at this point.

    A simple economic replacements for them which is far more durable is a short piece of nylon fuel line. orange in color. This is readily available. I've never lost one of these replacement pieces, but if it should happen the bright orange color should make it very apparent when one is gone. Theses replacementa are not only more durable, thety can be used to trim the dorr stopped position and they spread the closing impact over a larger adea.

  6. This video is really nice,  it helps those out there who might be a bit afraid to work on their car and shows them it's all about undoing nuts and bolts and fixing/replacing to make your car run like new again. Three years ago I started out changing fluids and fixing broken buttons on radios, and with each success the courage came to replace spark plugs, accessory belts, alternators, starters, cam cover gaskets, exhausts and their manifold gaskets. The first step is always to try something small and build confidence, and Eric has been an invaluable tool on that journey to becoming my own mechanic. The only thing I have yet to do on my own or friends vehicles is to tear a motor down, but I know when the time comes I'll be ready thanks to experience and the help of people like Eric.

  7. Hey eric quick question. Have a ford f150 4.2 v6 that when in drive and sometimes reverse stumbles very hard almost to point of stall. Sometimes it will stall. I've put new pcv hose and valve on it. Only does it when in drive at a stop light. Does fine while driving. I'm suspecting vacuum leak? Opinions?

  8. If you think this is bad, check out the fuel door on a F150 truck. It's all plastic junk, I have replaced three in 3 years and ford says there's nothing wrong.( the hinge pin just falls right out)

  9. Hey Eric, here's an interesting question for you. How do you open "power" fuel doors (ones where the unlock/open switch or latch is inside) when the latch or switch don't work?

  10. Hey ETCG, I'm new to your channel. I have a question since ir feel like I'm q getting screwed by a mechanic. I messed up my radiator and the fluids apparently leaked everywhere, something about gaskets, and 3 cylinder problems, and now wants to take apart the engine to see if something is wrong. Should I just cut this car as a loss or should I sell my soul and my ass to get this done?

  11. Hey Eric, i have a quick question, I've got a 95 civic, I'm going on holiday for the winter for 4 weeks, should i disconnect the battery terminals? or just leave the batt connected? 

  12. Loosening the 4 screws holding the plastic door bit on may have allowed some movement to center it curing the rubbing.

  13. Vulnerable is a good way to put it. It'd drive me nuts if my gas cover fell off. I'd feel like my cars pants zipper was wide open.

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