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I’ve been asked about doing a video on this process since my first Honda valve adjustment videos came out almost 2 years ago. I was happy when this 2004 Acura TL 6 speed came in not just because it allowed me the opportunity to make this video but also because I think these cars are a lot of tun to drive. This is truly a step by step account of the valve adjustment procedure for the J Series engine. Remember it takes time to get the ‘feel’ for valve adjustments and it’s better to go too loose than too tight.

Here are links to the videos I mentioned in the movie that might also be helpful if you’re servicing one of these J Series engines.

VTEC Video:

J Serieis Timing Belt Video:

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26 thoughts on “Honda J Series V6 Valve Adjustment (Part 1) -EricTheCarGuy

  1. Hey Eric I have a 2008 acura TL type S 141,000 miles and I keep getting the P0171 P0174 codes since I bought the car last February 2020 I replaced all spark plugs with oem cleaned out the fuel injectors map sensor and replaced vacuum lines that were old I replaced both upper oxygen sensors bank 1 and bank 2 I don't know what else to do can you please help?

  2. I had a problem with my 3.5 fouling plugs and using oil. 130,000.. miles on always changed the oil. I installed the s-vcm on the car and it fixed both problems. No more Eco mode but no problems. Takes less than 10min to install.

  3. I have a 2001 Odyssey 3.5 V6. What direction do I turn the crankshaft to get TDC for each cylinder ? The factory service manual gives no indication about the direction to turn the crank.

  4. I got a MDX been watchin the last 10 years, between you scotty danner chris and the rest I went from changing my oil to rebuilt my mdx tranmission. Eric your videos are awesome! Happy holidays from Canada eastcoast 😃

  5. hey eric. i have a 2003 accord coupe and the windshield deforster won't turn on. i use the mode button. all the vents work but the defroster wont. i notice that when i turn on the defroster the center vents is still blowing hard. what do i need to replace? it be a great help. since its gonna be winter soon. and i need a defroster running. thanks.

  6. Just finished doing the valve adjustments on my TL.
    1. Replace your gaskets
    2. Remove the strut brace it'll be much easier
    3. Don't remove your power steering line, remove the mounting brackets to the motor and push it out of the way
    4. Turn your motor over with the power steering pulley bolt with the car in neutral and the spark plugs removed. Remember to block your wheels.
    5. Use specific torque specs and tightening patterns for all your bolts

  7. I have an 08 Honda Accord v6. How much should I expect to pay at a shop? I was quoted $230 the other day. Does that sound about right? Thanks!

  8. Eric I'm going to do this to my 08 pilot. I LOVE your videos theyre amazing. Got the VTM4 and random misfire. Replaced pcv valve it was loose and old and leaking. Cleaned EGR. However this came up the 2nd time I use sh*tty cheap mountain gas. But my baby has 186k now. Its been a decade since my f22 valve adjustment lol.

  9. 🤦 I cleaned the throttle body before I saw this lol. Moved the plate a tad to clean with engine off key out. Had to fix the inlet tube since it broke off at the body due to inexperienced grease monkies.

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