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Well here is part 2 of the J Series Valve Adjustment video. This is where the ‘meat’ is and we cover how to set up each cylinder as well as the adjustment itself. Remember this is a ‘fine tuning’ operation and really isn’t meant to correct a problem unless the valves had been misadjusted in the first place. Also keep in mind that it’s better to get the adjustment loose rather than tight so try to keep your adjustment on the loose side because if you get them too tight this can actually damage the valves, if they’re too loose the worse you’ll suffer is a lot of valve train noise. Either way try to do it right the first time because it’s a lot of work to get back in there and readjust everything. I think you’ll do fine should you attempt to do this job just take your time and double check everything.

Here are links to the videos I mentioned in the movie that might also be helpful if you’re servicing one of these J Series engines.

VTEC Video:

J Serieis Timing Belt Video:

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39 thoughts on “Honda J Series V6 Valve Adjustment (Part 2) -EricTheCarGuy

  1. Dude YES,of all the vids on this,this is the most useful,just something about the way YOU explain and do,acura addicted is good 2

  2. Are you setting it to top dead center because you are going to be doing the timing belt or is it part of the valve cover and valve adjustment procedure?

  3. Final product sounds like my Acura TL 4g with 130k miles. Maybe I don't need to adjust valves because they're not that noisy or shakey?

  4. Brother thank u so much for this video and the detail u put in.had to do this on my pilot and worked.much appreciated 😎👍🏼

  5. Torque specs from Factory Service manual:

    Valve adjustment locknut – 14 ft-lb
    Valve cover bolts – 8.7 ft-lb
    Harness to valve cover bolts – 8.7 ft-lb
    Power steering hose bracket bolts – 8.7 ft-lb
    Coil pack bolts – 8.7 ft-lb
    Upper to lower intake manifold bolts – 16 ft-lb
    Throttle body nuts/bolts – 16 ft-lb
    Intake manifold cover bolts – 8.7 ft-lb

  6. Hi Eric! My 2.4 k24 accord has a burning smell on high rpms. It creeps into the cabin, kind of like a burning wood smell. please tell what is it

  7. Lol felt like I was in class when he asked where was cylinder 5

    When I'm the one having that cylinder misfire lol has to recount them all in my head

  8. 35:07 all these 3.2's have a slightly rough idle when stone cold for about 2 minutes. I think after 30k miles they can start to idle rough when cold. But then right about at 2 minutes, its like a switch is thrown and it becomes real smooth after that..

  9. Did my first valve adjustment after replacing a camshaft… I overthinked it I believe. Will double check before I out the cover back on tomorrow after watching Eric!

  10. Where do you get you feeler gauges? I have like 4 sets and none have the .22mm one. I looked on line and haven't been able to find one either. Great video as usual.

  11. Why couldn't you use the "go, no go " technique to adjust valve lash? Use a feeler one size smaller than needed and another one size larger. On the bigger one won't go in but the smaller one goes in with no resistance at all you should be spot on.

  12. Update, if you already have your heads off-repairs, timing belt broke etc YOU CAN ADJUST YOUR VALVES before installing them. I carefully transferred the marks from the front cam gear to the back one-just to be sure i went through the valve adjustment procedure and every valve checked perfect👍👍👍👍 HOWEVER-im not sure i trust the Angle gauge i bought for the head bolts😐😐 22 ft lbs then 90 deg-90deg and 90deg for new bolts😐 CROSSING MY FINGERS!!!

  13. @ericthecarguy I have an 07 Acura MDX that’s pulling P300, P301, P302, P303, P304, P305 & P306 codes also showing “Check Emission light” a print out from Autozone after diagnosis suggested I adjust the valves will this eliminate the misfires I’m having? I’ve already changed all the spark plugs & ignition coils & still getting a P305 & sometimes P303 now it’s stuck on P305. Your advice will be highly appreciated.

  14. Good thing this popped up for me. Im about to do valve cover gaskets on my odyssey, while I'm in there ill check them out see how they are

  15. I just did 4, 5, and 6 on my Accord just to see how they were after 253K miles. Intakes were loose by .001" and exhaust were tight by .001". I can hear the valves clatter again, which must be a side effect of increasing lash. At least Honda makes it very simple to check.

    Maybe I'll do 1, 2, and three when I'm not so damn lazy.

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